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$1.8 Billion Advisor Helps A Former Ms. America And Detroit Lions’ Kicker Hit Their Goals


Jeffrey Fratarcangeli, Managing Director, Fratarcangeli Wealth Management

Fratarcangeli wealth management

Surname: Jeffrey Fratarcangeli

Celebrations: Fratarcangeli wealth management

Place: Birmingham, Michigan

AUM: $ 1.8 billion

Forbes Leaderboard: Top investment advisor, best-in-state investment advisor

Background: Fratarcangeli, 47, is from Detroit and received a full scholarship to Eastern Michigan University, where he played Division 1 football. He credits this experience by helping him improve his competitiveness, perseverance, and work ethic.

Getting the scholarship was helpful as his family was divorcing. Even so, he knew that athletics would only get him so far. With his aptitude for math, he studied finance while studying accounting and economics.

He started professionally in a training program at Dean Witter Reynolds, where he excelled in a class of 144.

Competitive advantage: Between the quarterly reviews, Fratarcangeli and his team will have Zoom update conversations with clients where an analyst or other company leader discusses their experiences and perspectives on the economy and the markets.

This is part of an approach to ensuring that his team is regularly in front of customers in an ever-changing environment. With all the noise, he wants to make sure customers don’t get too emotional and instead focus on long-term goals.

Being the voice of sanity has been getting tougher over the past year, but Fratarcangeli prides itself on the fact that all but four of its customers have avoided the temptation to sell. Of the four that got shy, three bought back before fully recovering, with the lonely wait taking a little longer before finally investing again.

Biggest challenge: In a nationwide practice, Fratarcangeli must use all means to keep in touch. He used zoom and video conferencing well before the pandemic and over time, which made customers more open to virtual contacts.

“The world has gotten a lot smaller, it’s just an ever-changing way of doing business,” says Fratarcangeli.

Fratarcangeli is based in Detroit and operates across the country. The day he spoke to Forbes, he had a meeting with a client in Miami, Place Kicker for the Detroit Lions, a contractor in California, and a referral in Chicago.

He has a potential client in Philadelphia who is a professional video game player who won $ 3 million in the Fortnite championship at the age of 17. Also on his list of clients is the boss of Hard Rock, an Indy auto champion, actress and former Miss America, and the group that buy the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Mentors: Early in his career, Fratarcageli sought to “learn from the best in the business,” including Pamela Shaw from Merrill Lynch and Dominic Nieto and Gerald Norris from UBS.

“I said I’m not going to reinvent the wheel, I’ll get under their wing and find out how they do it,” he says. “I wanted to know what they were doing, to the point where I wanted to know when they got out of bed, what they did before work, what they ate, how they dressed, and most importantly: How did you treat your customers? ”

After that program, when he started working in New York, Fratarcangeli said that top advisor Richard Zinman of Morgan Stanley MS was as influential as Gary Nessler, Mark Sawyer and Chris Wilson, also of Morgan Stanley.

Lessons learned: His experience taught him not only about investing but also about life. This has led him to invest more and more time and energy in giving back. Around Christmas time, he and his family donate toys to poor families who “for health or other reasons will not have the Christmas that my children are and that I am used to”.

During the Covid crisis, he turned to the markets where his company is present to donate food to frontline workers such as the police, fire departments and hospitals.

Favorite book / film: Fratarcangeli is reading a book called Little Giants about growing a company. He says it taught him to make decisions based on his ultimate goals.


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