10 Best Detroit: Become Human Characters, Ranked


Regarded by some as director David Cage’s best work, Detroit: Become Human is a narrative game with dozens of characters, twists, turns, and choices set in a not-too-distant future that will be household Android technology Consumer has been captivated by the market by storm.

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However, something is changing with these androids, and the player is tasked with following the three Android protagonists through a series of stories that take wild turns depending on what decisions are made along the way. At the heart of the story, of course, are the characters, and in a game with so many stories and subplots like this, fans need to figure out which characters they liked the most. Warning, spoilers ahead!

10 honey

Mad Zlakto Andronikov serves as a short-term antagonist in one of the earlier chapters of the game. He poses as the good Samaritan who wants to help the fugitive androids Kara and Alice and lures the protagonists into his house only to be exposed to his sadistic attitude towards androids. You will then have to escape his hellish mansion, which is haunted all the way by his mutilated Android Thralls.

Zlatko may be a relatively small character, but he’s one of those villains fans love to hate. The elements of horror and sheer malice associated with his chapter also make him one of the game’s most menacing antagonists.

9 Alice

Alice is a girl who was rescued from an abusive household by one of our protagonists, Kara, at the beginning of the game. Kara’s and Alice’s subsequent flight to safety raises interesting questions about how humans and androids might be related.

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That is, until a big twist shows that Alice was an android all along. This twist is a big part of what makes Alice interesting, as it re-contextualizes many of the events she was involved in earlier in the game. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have many other notable character traits and so doesn’t make it further on this list.

8th Carl

Markus to Carl from the game Detroit: Becoming Human.

Carl Manfred is an aging artist known in the game as the former owner of future revolutionary Markus. Carl takes great care of Markus even though Markus is an android that was bought to look after him around the house. However, this complicates the situation with Carl’s son and leads to one of the first big decisions of the game.

Carl may be a relatively small character, but his relationship with Markus is crucial to the exciting events of the game, and his intricate relationship with his son and Markus brings a lot of nuance into the themes of humanity and being of the game in general.

7th Luther

Luther is a quiet android who can be rescued from Zlatko’s brutal experiments by Kara and Alice and then escort them on their flight to safety out of gratitude. While not much of Luther’s backstory is revealed, his selfless help to Kara and Alice makes him adorable and memorable.

Luther also raises some thought-provoking questions throughout history about how advanced machines could express human emotions such as gratitude, loyalty, and courage. He can also be dead at various points in Kara’s story, so players need to be careful if they want him to see things through to the end.

6th Elijah

Elijah Kamski, the enigmatic former CEO of Cyberlife and mastermind behind the invention of the androids that form the core of the game’s story, is one of the game’s most mysterious personalities. Connor and Hank meet him in the second half of the game to uncover the cause of the Android anomaly, but leave with more questions than answers.

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Elijah seems to have strongly deterministic views about the future of humanity with the androids, and he is also fascinated by deviations and the possibility of empathy in machines. This has put Kamski at the center of numerous fan theories about who or what “rA9” is, the supposed source of Android anomalies.

5 rose

Rose from the game Detroit: Becoming Human.

Rose Chapman may be another relatively small character, but she deserves to be on the list for having unwavering sympathy for the plight of deviant androids. This can be seen when she protects Kara and Alice just before the climax of the game.

Many human characters in the game, especially those the player encounters in Kara’s story, have relationships with androids that range from complicated at best to vicious at worst. Rose is what sets it apart and brings a refreshing note of optimism to an environment that can often seem gruesome.

4th Kara

In many ways, Kara and her relationship with Alice form the emotional core of the game. Through them we can see how androids learn to empathize not only with people but also with their fellow machines. Kara’s journey to safety with Alice takes her to a number of surprising places where players will have to make difficult decisions in order to stay alive.

The variety of locations and scenarios in which Kara finds herself, as well as the characters she encounters, make her story exciting to play through. After all, through her eyes we see the widest range of this new world, which makes her a great surrogate for the player.

3 Markus

Markus from the video game Detroit: Becoming Human.

Considered the game’s revolutionary robot, Markus is a player-controlled character who ultimately leads the charge for Android’s freedom from scratch. How this freedom is obtained depends on the player, which means that Markus has a variety of different avenues to send the story down.

Markus is the player character who ultimately determines most of the plot, so that his personality is largely left to the interpretation of the player. This makes playing as Markus feel like a classic RPG experience and gives the player a strong sense of personal responsibility for the story of the game.

2 Connor

Will he go different or not? Connor struggles with this issue, among other things, as he tries to reconcile his obligations to the police, his compassion for his androids, and his relationship with Hank during major events in the story.

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Connor’s story can take a number of dramatic twists depending on the decisions the player makes for him, which makes playing him very interesting. To betray the revolution or not, to live or die or where exactly his loyalty lies is in the hands of the player, which easily makes Connor one of the most exciting characters in the game.

1 strand

Picking a favorite from a cast with as much variety as Detroit can be tough, but Detroit PD Detective Hank Anderson is loved by fans for a reason. His character arc is one of the most compelling in the game as it highlights his complicated relationship with androids and his own troubled past.

Hank is also spectacularly portrayed by voice actor Clancy Brown, who does an excellent job of bringing his relationship with Connor to life and delivering some of the game’s most memorable and funniest lines.

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