11 beautiful and creative Detroit Instagram accounts you need to follow


Detroit is often described as a haven for artists. With its fascinating physical landscape, unique architecture and fascinating people, there is an abundance of visual material to be inspired by.

So it’s no wonder that Detroit also has some radical Instagrammer. Artists have used the platform to present their work or to create completely original ones. And then there are just generally creative people who have portrayed the city beautifully (sometimes unintentionally).

While this list is by no means exhaustive, here are some of our most popular Detroit Instagram accounts.

This Instagram account is reminiscent of honey dripping from flowers in a fancy hotel. Every picture is luxury as hell.

Dierdre Skiles runs Detroit Rose & Ritual, a candle company and skin care line from a beautiful loft and studio in Eastern Market. In addition to a dazzling Instagram presence, Skiles products are really amazing. You can often find her at local craft fairs where she sells her Detroit Rose line of candles in scents like the heavenly bergamot or the fig tree. Or check out their Detroit Ritual line of skin care products like the Rose & Coconut Milk Soak, a bath cream with real roses inside.

Matthew Piper’s report is a modernist take on Detroit everyday life and is all about the beautiful details. From the historical (like a stained glass window) to the absurd (like a cardboard cutout from Jean-Luc Picard protruding from behind a bookcase), Piper’s eye captures everything.

Piper is a local art writer and photographer who has contributed to a number of publications (including this one), Infinite Mile, and Essay’d.

This report sometimes covers the travels and performances of the self-described “psycho-jazz” band Wolf Eyes, but slowly turns into a full meme report. Because of her short but effective profile statement, none of the content is original, but “THE CHUCKLE ONES ARE PUT UP”.

Meme lords and trolls alike would be wise to smash this follow button.

If your goal on Instagram is to waste countless hours seeing how cool someone else’s life is, then this account is for you.

The metal artist Tiff Massey gives you an insight into her travels and work. She takes you to international artist residencies and exhibitions, shows beautiful portraits of models wearing her work, and occasionally takes a selfie.

To be honest, the photos seem ordinary when they appear on your feed. It’s just staple porn. The magic of Senor Lopez’s Instagram, however, is twofold.

Firstly, when you visit their profile page and see the myriad of images of all their dishes side by side from an eerily similar angle, it’s actually quite moving. The second part is that if you visit Senor Lopez – which we highly recommend as they give you a free shredded pork taco when you arrive – and they tagged them on an Instagram post (#senorlopeztaqueria) they’ll be 10 percent off your bill pull it off.

We have often lay awake in bed wondering why they still have fewer than 200 followers.

Bailey Scieszka (@bailioni)

Bailey Scieszka’s Instagram account shows finished works, works in progress and other images that we can only imagine are inspiration for the young artist.

If you look at photos from Scieszka’s report, you might be wondering, “Did this alien thing really just stab a swimming dolphin when it gave birth to a massive snake?” And the answer is yes, always yes.

As for her account, we can confidently say that she loves blondes, faygo, and dolls, but hates the Confederate flag. This report is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Local makeup artist Skyylar Taylor’s Instagram account is a combination of a mood board and portfolio of her makeup looks. Taylor regularly works with local designers like @alxvndra and @_paidactor_ to produce equal parts surreal and divine looks on a range of subjects.

In addition to original work, shots from vintage fashion magazines, and ’90s R&B goddesses, Taylor also takes a selfie or two to keep us busy.

Paul Johnson (@_ffty)

If you’ve ever met Paul Johnson (aka Fifty) it was likely when he asked to pinch your cheek and snap a picture of it. In addition to the cheek-pinching pics regularly seen on his Instagram, Fifty’s report shines with his unusual images of the city, travels, and paintings.

The almost 1,400 photos on Instagram are only a small part of the oeuvre of this artist, of which you can find more here.

Local artist Nick Jaskey has been an integral part of the Detroit art scene for years. His Instagram account features a range of his works, from collages to paintings.

His recent contributions show a number of murals around Detroit, most of which consist of small elongated shapes in shades of red along walls, fences, and windows. These no-frills shapes act as interventions across the city that tend to sneak up on you.

In addition to his own work, Jaskey also opens a nice window into his Detroit.

This account is basically a vintage wholesale store run by Torya Schoeniger of Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes and Rodin. In particular, it may be one of the first (if not the first) Instagram accounts to sell items directly to followers.

It’s very simple: you see a picture of a vintage coach handbag or kilim pillow, write “sold” in the comments first and win! Since Sch√∂niger deletes photos of items shortly after they are sold, buying one of their items is all the more exciting.

Cinematographer Geoff George shows a balanced and beautiful collection of architecture and cars from Detroit (with his own hashtag #motowncars). George has a way of capturing Detroit photos so typical that it’s hard to tell if they’re from the past, present, or future.

In addition to this account, George also has a series called Troubled Assets (@troubledassets) which includes a variety of corner bench buildings across Detroit that have either been repurposed or are not in use.

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Dusty Kennedy