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Which exterior siding is suitable for hail-prone areas?

Dec 21

When you live in an area with unpredictable and turbulent weather , such as Calgary is not a stranger to storms that do significant damage. The majority of people think of hailstorm damage as broken windows and damaged roofs. However, you must also take a look at your exterior siding, inspecting it for any potential repairs and whether your insurance will cover it.

Hailstorms can cause serious destruction to your house. Siding is usually insured by the homeowners insurance. However, the majority of homeowners jump the gun once they realize that their roof leaking from the hail damage and forget to look over their homes for other damage on the exterior. Based on the type of exterior siding you have on your home, it will affect the type of damage you typically will see and when you need to replace your house siding Elizabethtown.


There are a variety of siding. There are numerous styles of siding. Each one has distinct advantages and provides different aesthetic styles. This article will focus on the most sought-after siding materials along with their usual damage and how to identify hail damage to common siding materials.


Typically, stucco is a cement mixed with water, sand and lime. Typically newer homes use synthetic materials that look like stucco. The main benefit of stucco siding is that it can incorporate the color into the mix and do not require any painting. Stucco siding for exterior use is usually resistant to most weather damage, but serious storms can cause significant damage.

There are dents and softening of stucco after hail storms or other severe weather events. If the damage is serious it is possible to see small cracks or spider webbing around the dent. The foam backing of the stucco may be damaged, and cracks could be apparent in the area of the puncture. This could mean you need to get rid of all stucco in that area and have it replaced by a professional.


Fiber cement siding appears similar to stucco, wood or masonry exterior sidings. It's durable and is often accompanied by an extended warranty. While cement fibre siding is stronger in the face of hail, it's still not immune. This siding is susceptible to hail damage, which can appear as tiny black marks on the paint. Older homes may be equipped with asbestos siding. If you've damaged your siding and require replacement of older cement siding, you should to seek out a professional's help for your own security.


Vinyl siding is made of PVC plastic and is frequently used due to its inexpensive nature. Vinyl siding can crack as it ages, melt and fade with time. Fresh coats of paint can help revive it. Vinyl siding is typically fashioned in a panel style. Many houses in northeastern Canada were destroyed by hail during the Calgary hailstorm. Many of those homes are cladded in vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding is simple for hail damage. The hail will puncture the siding. You might also see cracks or chips in the siding. Vinyl siding is the cheapest option for siding on the exterior. However, you can opt for a more robust and higher-quality vinyl. One example is Hardie Board. Vinyl siding that is thicker will probably withstand hailstorms better than siding made of vinyl that is lighter.


Wood sidings are very well-liked because of their aesthetic value. Even synthetic alternatives that resemble wood clapboard aren't able to replicate the natural look of wood. Wood sidings, when maintained correctly, are often more durable than vinyl and other wood sidings manufactured. Cedar shingle sidings, often referred to as cedar shakes, is an ideal option if like the wood look, however, you want to maintain them less than wood clapboard.

Damage from hail can result in scratches on wooden sidings as well as the clapboard. However, occasionally, the wood might split or be punctured. It is simple to recognize hail damage on wood siding as the cracks should show unoxidized wood underneath. This means that the siding could have a different colour from the damaged siding.

Which one of the following is best for hail damage?

The exterior sidings discussed are not impervious to hail. However, generally stucco, stucco or concrete-based sidings resist hail damage the most effectively. In the end, the choice of siding you select for your home will be based on the appearance, color, longevity and durability. If the siding will be resistant to hail damage should be considered when making your choice especially if you live in an area that experiences turbulent hailstorms.

It doesn't matter what siding you pick it's important to know what homeowners insurance will cover for damage to your exterior siding. Most insurance policies will cover the replacement of your exterior siding but if they aren't able to identify a similar siding to the siding, which might lead to having mismatched siding on your exterior.

Your policy could have the option of matching siding insurance. It allows the insurance company take care of the expense of replacing the siding. Additionally, they could offer a certain amount towards the repair so that your entire home is matched. Although this could mean that you'll need to shell out more to replace the whole house, it will make sure that you have the exact exterior siding.

A mismatched exterior siding can lower the worth of your house If you're thinking of selling it in the near future. Not only that, but it can also become an eye-sore that others will notice. Your home's siding has an aesthetic as well as functional function, so keeping it maintained and looking good will help you over the long haul!

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