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Water Damage Claims: Frozen Pipes, Broken Pipes & Plumbing Leaks

Dec 29

The most easily prevented burst pipes and water damage are likely to be denied by homeowners ' insurance companies. If this happens we'll go over ways to prevent it from happening and how to make sure your insurance provider doesn't deny the damage claim.

First, some background. Verisk Analytics ISO reported that claims for property damage accounted for 98.1% (source). "Water damage as well as freezing" makes up nearly one fifth of claims for property damage. That's roughly 1 in 5 of all homeowners insurance claims that were submitted between 2013 and 2017.

A frozen pipe bursts, causing plumbing leak and water damage

Over the same period of five years 1 in 50 homeowners filed water damage claims. The average cost for claims was $10,182. That's a lot of destruction to your house! The leak in the plumbing can cause damage to drywall and flooring along with trims, paints as well as windows, doors, furniture, and even other items when pipes freeze. It can create a mess.

No one wants this to happen to their home or business. Follow the steps below to make sure you are doing everything you can to stop water damage caused by damaged, frozen, or burst pipes.

There are two primary kinds of suggestions to prevent freezing pipes as well as the damage they cause: controlling air temperature and controlling water flow.

Control Temperatures in Air by insulating water pipes

Sealing leaks that allow cold air to enter the walls where water pipes are installed is feasible. A variety of products can assist with this. We supply insulating foam sealant to clients and their homes. You can use it to seal and insulate gaps in siding, cracks where wiring runs into the home, etc.

Caulking any leaks that could be a possibility is a good idea, too. Be aware that the damage to water caused by damaged pipes is more common when pipes that are used for water in the exterior freeze. This is the reason why this is an ideal first step to take when trying to avoid frozen plumbing problems.

- Check out the pipe insulation products available at stores like Home Depot for easy options to shield your water pipes. There is also the product known as "heat tape", which helps warm pipes whenever needed so that they don't freeze in the winter. It's best to call a licensed, certified professional plumber for this.

Control the flow of water to Avoid Freezing:

Keep a few faucets open until temperatures fall significantly in the winter months to ensure that your water pipes aren't frozen.

  • It's also critical to shut off water from the outside valves and disconnect the water hose from your spicket. Water will not drain out of the hosebib in the event that the hose isn't properly connected. This will surely cause freezing and even bursting when temperatures fall. To prevent freezing, turn off your hose when the temperature drops below zero.

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