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How Professionals Deal With Water Damage Disasters

Jan 13

Water Damage Disasters, When Cleaning With a Shop-Vac Won't Work

Cleaning water damage is no joke. An inexperienced restoration company can cause more harm than good if they try to clean it with a regular shop vac. This article will discuss why standard wet/dry shop vacuums are not designed for this process and what you should do instead.

Removing Visible Water is Only Part of the Process For Proper Mitigation To Prevent Mold From Growing

During a water damage event, the objective should be to remove as much of the standing water from an affected area as possible.

What We Mean By Water Damage Cleaning There are three initial phases in water damage restoration: Water Removal Water Clean Up Debris Removal If you have a lot of visible water that needs to be cleaned up, then the best choices for equipment will vary depending on what tools you currently own. If you own a shop vacuum with a compatible wet/dry setup, this will work great! However, if your only option is to use a standard household vacuum cleaner, don't worry... we'll cover what to do next.

Moisture Detection Is Critical For Properly Drying Walls, Floors and Carpeting  

All affected surfaces must be allowed to dry, so it all starts with proper moisture detection. If you have a moisture detector, then great! Use it to find areas where water may have seeped into the wall or floor. Elevate furniture off of the carpeting and use fans to increase airflow around these areas until they are completely dried out. As we'll discuss later in this article, if there is any chance that your home was exposed to sewage contamination during a flood event, walls and floors should still be tested before getting back in the house.

Restoration Companies Have Experienced and Trained Technicians To Restore Properties and Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth From Water Damage

Working with a professional to restore your home or business from water damage is important for safety and air quality long after the visible water is gone. Companies often will provide water damage services, 7 days a week. Emergency water damage services are especially important when sewage contamination is present. Mold and mildew growth is dangerous to your health, so if your home or business was exposed to water that may have contained sewage contamination, the restoration company will need to act fast to prevent dangerous bacteria from growing.