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What is a moka pot and why do people love them?

Feb 9

I have spent a lot of time looking for the best coffee for moka pot. I've tried many kinds of brands and various roasts. I have found a brand that I have found myself coming back to. Blackbeard's Revenge is one of those brands. You will notice on the label that there are flavors of dark chocolate and almonds roasted. Take a moment to pause and think about an aspect that is very crucial for me...

I am a chocolate lover.  I don't know many people who dislike chocolate to be honest.

When the coffee is made right in the moka pot, it will be rich with chocolate flavors. I usually add heavy cream to this blend for an extra intense milk chocolate flavor. This recipe is the perfect cup of coffee, with dark chocolate with heavy cream. Blackbeard's Revenge is the best coffee for moka pot choices among all the coffees that can be used in moka pots.

To make sure that the beans are fresh, I purchase whole beans that come in a five pound bag. I then grind approximately 1/3 of a cup of the beans in the grinder of my electric grinder. Five pounds of beans might appear to be a lot for a small amount of coffee to be made each time, but as a coffee drinker you will find that this process goes a lot faster than you thought. My coffee beans are ground to a medium-fine consistency. Coffee beans are shipped in a bag that can be resealable. This will ensure freshness.

The cost comes out to around .57 cents per ounce, and this is surprisingly affordable for this kind of coffee. There are other brands which cost double the price.

The Best Moka Pot Available

Over over the years, I've prepared numerous cups of coffee over the years. I've spent many years working on my daily cup of coffee. I've found the best moka pot for making premium espresso at home on the stove with no expensive, special equipment. It is possible that you are wondering "what is a moka-pot?" A moka pot makes strong coffee. It's not as strong as a espresso from a traditional machine, but it is pretty close to it. This is how I make coffee for the past 10 years. I'm not going to change this method.

Bialetti is my top moka pot. I've been using it for a long time and have had no issues with it. I've tried other brands but haven't been extremely impressed. Bialetti is my preferred moka maker for coffee. This method of making coffee is better over all other methods for a variety of reasons.

  1. Apart from coffee grounds, there is no other waste.

  2. The parts on this coffee maker last many years and they are simple to replace.

  3. This method is the most effective way to make coffee in just moments to prepare.


Bialetti mokapots come in various sizes. The one I love the most is the 6-cup version. I use the Yeti 20-ounce tumbler, and I like to leave space in the coffee cup for about 6-8 ounces of heavy whipping cream. The cream is great to make espresso smooth and silky!