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Glenrock State Conservation Area

Mar 3

About Glenrock State Conservation Area

Glenrock State Conservation Area is an ecological preserve that borders the coast and encompasses 534 hectares in New South Wales. The park stretches from Merewether to Dudley, within these two locations there are many trees that make it feel like you're walking through a forest clearing on your way down the river or uphill. The sounds of nature await those who venture outside this wonderful area.

Glenrock State Conservation Area is an important area for both humans and wildlife. The park includes many rare plants that can only be found within the boundaries of this preserve, as well as historic sites dating back centuries ago when it was used by indigenous Australians before European settlement began in Australia. Furthermore, today's residents enjoy using these same spaces because they offer beauty while also providing refuge from modern life.

The park is a protected area under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 which allows for conservation, maintenance of ecosystem functions, protection against biodiversity loss. The legislation also provides certain uses while considering natural or cultural values in order to maintain compatibility with visitor use at this site.

What To Do At Glenrock State Conservation Area

The park is a popular destination for locals and visitors alike. It contains many walking tracks that vary in grade, including one-kilometre scenic trails accessible by wheelchairs or mountain bikes on designated areas of the Great North Walk path through this natural beauty spot. Other activities include hang gliding (permitted only near Seven Islands), fishing at Reflection Bay Beach where surfers can also ride their boards while they're here too! If you want some more exploring done without having to go far from town then look no further than the park.

The last surviving pocket of coastal rainforest is home to a range of animals, like bandicoots and bats. So remember not to bring your pets because it's dangerous in there and they could also interfere with nature.

What's not to love about a day at the beach? You can enjoy all these activities without ever leaving your property! Well, if you're looking for more than just sand and surf there is plenty here. Get on some mountain bikes or find one of many scenic trails that wind through forested areas leading up towards waterfalls; then take off into flight mode by launching yourself from high above onto soft grassland below - it feels empowering knowing nothing else but nature awaits beneath each landing site (and maybe some tasty fish!).

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