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6 Essential Items for Your Next Caravan Camping Trip

Nov 15
Work getting you down? Are you feeling the need to unplug or maybe get out there on the open road? You're not alone. Last year, millions of visitors explored Australia while caravan camping.

There's nothing like caravan camping in the beautiful outback. However, bringing the essentials can make or break your trip. Here are 6 not to forget.

1. Safety First

No one plans on getting hurt -- especially while on vacation.

It's best to be prepared for any bumps and bruises that may happen along the way.

A basic first aid kit is a must-have. You'll need everything from aspirin to band-aids to insect repellent.

It can seem overwhelming to try to think of every scenario that might come up, so here are some ideas on how to put together a basic first aid kit.

It's also a good idea to make sure the smoke and carbon dioxide detectors are working.

Be sure you know where the fire extinguisher it. We'll hope you won't need it, but just in case.

Since you may be traveling to remote areas, let others know where you are headed. Give your itinerary to a family member or friend so they will know where to find you in case of an emergency.

Now that we got that out of the way, let's get on to the fun stuff.

2. Comfort Food

You know what's great about caravan camping? You get to bring the comforts of home with you. You love TimTams? Bring them with you!

That's the convenience of a camper trailer. You can bring everything with you, including the kitchen sink.

Make a list of your favorite foods and stock a few things before you go. Don't stress about packing all the food, because you can always stop along the way to get what you need.

Need some supplies to help keep you organized? Check out our appliances and kitchen supplies to get you started.

3. Caravan Camping Gear

You may not be sleeping outside, but it's a good idea to pack some basic camping gear. Consider bringing sleeping bags, tarps, and even a tent (with tent poles, of course).

Basic tools such as pocket knives, hammers, a screwdriver set, tire gauge, and flashlights are always a good idea to have on hand.

No caravan camping trip is complete without a campfire. In addition to matches and firestarter, you will need a little shovel and a small axe to keep the fire pit clean, and of course, the firewood.

Speaking of firewood, Some caravan campers choose to bring their own firewood, while others buy it along the way. Either way works. Just remember that firewood can weigh a lot, so it may be beneficial to buy it at the campsite.

And don't forget the fishing gear. You know, if that's your thing.

4. Get Personal

We have found that it is best to pack in layers when it comes to clothing. Mornings and evenings around the fire can be chilly, while the afternoons are warmer.

Pack according to the activities you will be doing. Will you be hiking or swimming? And don't forget the proper footwear. It's hard to hike in thongs. Trust me, I know.

Personal toiletries are also important. You will be in close quarters while you are caravan camping, so showering would be nice for everyone on board. Bring the shampoo and deodorant, but leave the fancy perfume at home.

Don't forget any prescription medications that you will need. Be sure to take enough to last the entire trip.

Caravan camping is about taking time for you. So don't forget to bring your favorite books and movies. Need some new material? Check out these lists to find a new book to dive into or a movie filmed right here in the outback!

5. Keep it Clean

Yes, even when you're camping, you can keep a clean environment. Bring plenty of garbage sacks, paper towels, and sponges to keep your site and caravan camper tidy. Basic cleaning supplies such as dish tub and soap, and an all-purpose cleaner will keep your surfaces sanitary.

Stash a broom and a mop to keep the floors from getting too dirty and sticky. If you clean up a little as you go, it won't seem like the chores you have to do at home.

To keep the dirt out and to make your job a little easier, use a mat that is designed for outdoor living areas. Dirty towels and wet swimsuits can be hung on a retractable clothesline. Want to go to the beach, but hate how sand gets everywhere? We've got the solution just for people like you.

See? Even nature can be neat and tidy.

6. A Plan

Plan, but be flexible.

Do you have more than one destination? Maybe you are trying to hit a few different sites. It's important to map out your road trip and book the campsites. Nothing's worse than driving all day just to find the campsite is all booked out.

Plan your stops; including rest stops, markets to buy food, and service stations. Extra maps are always handy to have -- just in case your trusty GPS stops working. But be flexible. Delays from road work or weather can happen. That's OK. It's part of the adventure.

Maybe you'll see something of interest as you are driving. Stop and check it out! Remember there are no tight schedules to keep. That's the beauty of caravan camping.

Let's GO!

Caravan camping is one of the best ways to explore all that Australia has to offer. You'll never regret making memories with those who are most important to you.

If you're ready to go, we are here to help. Check out all of our services, products, and suggestions that will help make your caravan camping trip everything you've been dreaming of.

Let's go explore the open road. (And don't forget the phone charger.)