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5 Spots to Get ‘Pop-Tarts’ in Metro Detroit


The Red Hook takes a classic approach – just a pinch of icing and a handful of sprinkles!

Ashe Supply Co.

The toaster pastries baked by Ferndale Project, the multi-concept eatery and brewery of Eastern Market Brewing Co., at this artisan coffee shop in downtown Detroit come in a variety of seasonal flavors. Spiced chai and pumpkin fillings debuted this fall, a chocolate-frozen chocolate biscuit biscuit flew off the shelf this winter, and quirky interpretations like the Lisa neon lemon covered in neon cheetah frosting are popping up on special occasions. Ashe Supply Co., 1555 Broadway St., Detroit; 313-672-2070;

Louisa Detroit

You need to keep an eye on the changing menu – there’s no guarantee the pop-up bakery’s pop-tarts-style homemade toaster pastries will pop up again. A campfire-inspired summer menu featured s’mores pastries scribbled with a charred marshmallow topping. Louisa Detroit,

The red tick

Arguably one of the most notable spots for a local twist on the toaster, The Red Hook keeps it simple – a no-frills, flaky crust is filled with fruit jam, imperfectly coated with a dash of pink or white icing, and sprinkled with rainbow-colored sprinkles. The shortbread is available from both Detroit and Ferndale locations of the café (while supplies last). The Red Hook, for locations

Roses fine food and wine

You can find Rose’s Fine Food pastries on your own menu or in baked goods boxes in coffeeshops across Metro Detroit, such as Gathering Coffee Co. The Milwaukee Junction Café was home to Rose’s vegan pop tarts with olive oil shortbread, a date filling and thin orange slices embedded in a white icing. There are many more unique flavors available at home base, such as the Pear Rosemary Pop Tart that premiered in February. Roses Fine Food and Wine, 10551 E. Jefferson Ave., Detroit; 313-822-2729;

Zingerman’s bakery

Patti Pockets, named for one of Zingerman’s longtime chefs, is Ann Arbor Bakery’s ode to the pop-tarts trend. These pastries are made from butter cake batter, filled with canned fruit and sprinkled with glaze. And they’re so easy to make that the bakery encourages kids to try this recipe at home! On April 22nd, Zingerman’s is offering a virtual baking lesson for children aged 12 and over. Zingerman’s Backhaus, 3723 Plaza Dr., Ann Arbor; 734-761-7255;


Dusty Kennedy