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8 Vegan Dessert Spots to Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth in Metro Detroit



These tempting cashew-based cheesecakes are so pretty you almost don’t want to eat them (but you will because they’re awesome)! The entire menu with cheesecake and truffles is vegan, organic, made from fair trade ingredients and gluten-free. Check out the delicious range of mini cheesecakes in creative flavors like triple raspberry cocoa, salted caramel, peanut butter and jelly, and more. We think the triple raspberry cocoa is the best place to start – you’ll taste several amazing flavors in one bite!


This 100% vegan bakery is a new kid on the candy block and didn’t open until early 2021. Menu favorites include Boston Cream Donuts, Death by Chocolate Cake, and Michigander bars. Take a piece of Faygo Redpop Velvet cake. This chocolate treat – a twist on a traditional red velvet cake – is made with Detroit’s favorite, Faygo Redpop! Check out the gluten-free options too!


Order online and pick up in Plymouth

Do you want to wow a dinner party or enjoy an epic vegan birthday cake? Visit Blck Cocoa Bakes. Your decadent creations will get you double-shot – “Are you sure this isn’t a dairy?” Favorites include German chocolate, chai spices, cookies and cream, and coconut and date caramel. Street Beet and Chili Mustard Onions in Midtown Detroit also have vegan cheesecakes that are a must-try.

Blck cocoa

Midtown Detroit

Cold Truth takes a boring chocolate-vanilla note and gives it a makeover. They offer four vegan soft serve options that change every 2 to 3 weeks. Top them off with a selection of fun items like blue moon drizzle, toasted marshmallows, and blueberry basil compote. Follow them on Instagram for the latest on their collaboration with local vegan bakers – with fudgy brownies, pies and more!

Cold truth

Midtown Detroit

This adorable little bakery and cafe always have a vegan and gluten-free vegan cake option (available in slices) as well as vegan chocolate chip cookies, macarons, and a taste of homemade vegan ice cream, available by pint or scoop! Do you need more than a piece of cake? They also make their own vegan cakes in different flavors and fillings such as chocolate, vanilla or banana, each of which can be filled with triple berry jam, strawberry, peanut butter, lemon or biscuit butter cream. We recommend a visit for macarons and fresh coffee – but go early, the macarons are popular and sometimes sell out!

For the love of sugar


These cakes and treats loved Oprahs so you know they have to be amazing! The café is always filled with vegan cupcakes, brownies and cake glasses. On the weekends, some specialties like vegan lemon pound cakes and sticky cinnamon rolls are offered. Flavors include biscuit butter cake (made with biscoff biscuits), strawberry crunch, and carrot cake. All cakes must be pre-ordered. Not in the area? Do not worry! They ship nationwide.

Good cakes and pastries


On the menu of this shop you will find creative flavors like Malibu (coconut and pineapple with cherry swirls) and the crowd favorite Death by Oreo. Sorbets range from a traditional strawberry to a snozzberry (a mix of strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry with a hint of cinnamon). Don’t miss the vegan D’Vine cookies – buy two and order a scoop of your favorite ice cream wedged between them!

Treat dreams

Troy Make your own vegan donut creations! Start with the vanilla cake base and then coat it with a delicious icing, cinnamon and sugar or icing. Top with oreos, sprinkles, peanuts and more! All toppings are vegan except hot fudge and salted caramel. Since these goodies are made to order, call ahead if you need more than one pair.

Duck donuts


Dusty Kennedy