A Mixed-Use Project With a Vibrant Mural in Detroit, a Structured Villa in Iran, and a Wooden Pyramid in the Czech Republic


This week we’re sharing projects from Chrudim, Czech Republic, to Toulouse, France, and from Taihu, China, to Clear Lake, Texas, with multiple stopovers. In addition to the projects that we cover in more detail, we would like to highlight some of the work that architectural firms share with us on a daily basis through the project gallery – the user-generated part of our website. So far we have more than 15,000 projects, most of which have been uploaded directly by companies to share with us and our readers.

In this weekly roundup, we’re showcasing some of the coolest new projects to add to the gallery thanks to architects like you.

Bara II tower

Courtesy of Hut Architecktury Martin Rajniš
Bara II tower

Bara II tower
Chrudim, Czech Republic
Huť Architektury Martin Rajniš

“An observation tower in the shape of a triangular pyramid made of larch boards with a minimal number of fixed connections and secured by metal tow bars. Access to the observation platform is via a circular oak staircase attached to the steel pole rod in the center of the tower. On the There is a tubular steel mast with a flashlight on top of the observation deck. “

After this

Zhenyu (shower) Liu
After this

City Lights exhibition hall
Taihu, China
GBBN architects

“Married to the water effect of the undulating surface of the canopy, a script was used to punch a computer-generated hole pattern through this material, enrich its texture during the day and turn it into a surface with shimmering light at night. The building’s canopy also inspired a dynamically graduated one Landscape design that cut out sharp-edged planes and a tiered water feature to reflect the movement of the building. “

CIRCA Jamison Services Figueroa South
The angel
Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED)

“South Park’s ‘Sports and Entertainment District’ is LA’s first 35-story curvilinear residential tower with unprecedented sightlines of the Staples Center and LA Live with city, mountain and ocean views. 648 high-end panoramic views at the corner residential units and 40,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor. The units are between 750 square feet and 4,000 square feet and were designed in various configurations. For residents, a 1.5 acre deck will house a variety of amenities Pool, lap pool, spa, landscaping and sports field, as well as an enclosed private fitness club, business center and lounge. “

Bill Timmerman

University of Houston – Clear Lake Recreation and Wellness Center
Clear Lake, Texas

“The facility’s split program is separated by an extensive walk-through lobby that connects leisure and science. The space is more than just an entry point. It is a campus lounge and a mixing and meeting area for students, the access-controlled Seamlessly Combining Recreational Areas The merger of these two program elements provides a unique opportunity for sharing. Imagine an exercise class that teaches you to do laboratory fitness assessments, and then cleverly head to the recreation center to practice those skills on the equipment There. “

Damavand mansion
Damavand, Iran
ARC-Ashkan Rafiey CoOp

“This project raises the question of how a recognized space can function as the structure of the villa. Instead of drafting a plan within a structural shell by recognizing and extracting the private and public spaces of a villa, the villa is defined by two elements, which allow the rooms to express their plans as they are. ”

Render by Moare courtesy of Snøhetta

Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library
Medora, ND

“The design is in keeping with the region’s unique ecology and expresses the conservation ethic that Roosevelt remembers. The construction uses locally sourced materials and renewable resources, while the sophisticated energy systems set a new standard for sustainable design in the Set Region The design also mitigates the effects of wind and other climatic factors, so the library is accessible at any time of the year. “

Photo by Marco Cappelletti, courtesy of OMA

MEETT Toulouse Exhibition and Congress Center
Toulouse, France
Urban Architecture Office (OMA)

“MEETT is conceived as an active strip -‘une bande active ‘- a horizontal and compact project that is divided into three parallel bands: a series of modular exhibition halls in the north; a congress center and a multifunctional event hall in the south; and a reception area in the center with a silo parking lot for 3,000 cars. Instead of banning underground parking or pushing it to the periphery of the site where it has no relation to the surrounding landscape, we put the parking lot in the middle of the project that covers a ridge in where the convenience and access to the hall are concentrated. “

Courtesy of MVRDV

Glass mural in Detroit’s East Market

“Glass Mural was designed by MVRDV with its brightly printed glass facades, which both celebrate existing murals and bring new artistic works to the region. It takes a new approach to art and memory through architecture and technology in one of the most architecturally distinctive in the US Preserve Detroit was the country’s first UNESCO City of Design in 2015. The Glass Mural is a prime example of how the city is breaking new ground in architecture and design in the 21st century. “

Erik Rank

Home Street Residences by Body Lawson Associates Architects & Planners
new York
Body Lawson Associates Architects and Planners

New York-based Body Lawson Associates Architects & Planners transformed a disused geometric site into an eight-story 75,000-square-foot building with 62 affordable senior housing, 19 of which are reserved for homeless seniors. Led by Victor Body-Lawson, AIA, the company selected quality materials like stone slabs and stainless steel appliances – even individual HVAC units in each apartment to allow residents to protect their surroundings. “If you give the residents the best they can do, they’ll identify with the space and don’t want to abuse it,” said Body-Lawson ARCHITECT. More information about ARCHITECT can be found here in the September 2020 issue of the magazine.

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