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A Unique Meijer Experience Will Soon Open in Detroit


Meijer, who has not been in Michigan’s largest city for a long time, will soon be present in Detroit’s East Jefferson Corridor. Much like other small-format stores in Grand Rapids, Royal Oak and Lansing, the upcoming Rivertown Market offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, featuring Detroiters fresh groceries, artisanal groceries and products from other Meijer brands.

For Meijer, moving to Rivertown Market is all about the location. Not only are groceries purchased from local suppliers, but the center itself is operated by a local Detroit resident. Marcus Reliford, who lives just three blocks from the store’s planned location, was recently announced as head of the new smaller format Meijer.

“I grew up on the west side of Detroit as a kid and recently came back to give back and contribute to my community and city,” Reliford said in a Meijer press release. “This is our first store in downtown Detroit. There is no one who wanted this job more than me. It feels good to be at home. “

Rivertown Market creates around 60 jobs with competitive wages and health benefits, and will also support local brands by offering products right in the store. By the time the store opens, Reliford’s goal is to include 2,000 local products from the Detroit area.

The addition of local produce sets the store apart from your regular Metro Detroit Meijer. Artisanal products from the region such as Pietrzyk Pierogi, Ma Cohens and Cyntsational popcorn are stacked on the shelves, as well as a flower shop with local Avanti greeting cards. Two Detroit staples will also host Meijer Rivertown Market, Mudgie’s Deli, which will open its second location in Detroit, and Great Lakes Coffee, which will run a store specializing in nitro brews and low / medium roasts.

In addition to food and drink, the store also stocks a variety of cleaning and consumable items, as well as cleaning supplies, and health and beauty products that are sourced from local businesses owned by Black women.

The building’s function will include open-air elements and a walk-through design that favors pedestrian travel, as well as garage doors that open to fresh produce and flower areas. Overall, the plan is for the product department to cover 4,700 square feet, while a 52-foot wet well is also planned for the design.

If you’d like to be featured as one of the thousands of local products on the market, please find more information here.

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Dusty Kennedy