Alex Anzalone: Playing for Detroit Lions is ‘Fresh Start’


For linebacker Alex Anzalone, it’s a new beginning with familiar faces. After four seasons with the New Orleans Saints, Anzalone joins the Detroit Lions.

He succeeds Dan Campbell and Aaron Glenn, who both served on staff of Saints before taking on new roles with the Lions.

“For me it’s a fresh start with a little familiarity,” said Anzalone. “I think that was what I leaned on in the free hand.”

Campbell was the tight-end coach and Glenn was the second coach for the duration of Anzalone’s career in New Orleans. Now Campbell is the head coach and Glenn is the defensive coordinator.

“In my experience with (Campbell) everything has been positive,” said Anzalone.

In addition to being familiar with the Lions’ new head coach and defensive coordinator, Anzalone was also a college teammate of former Lions linebacker Jarrad Davis. The duo played together in Florida and were both selected in the 2017 NFL Draft.

When Anzalone signed with the Lions, he turned to Davis.

“I probably beat him up within a week of my signature,” said Anzalone. “We talked on the phone and caught up a bit. I asked if he had a real estate agent and where to live and all those things. “


Dusty Kennedy