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Bedrock Installs Outdoor Heated Seating Areas for Downtown Detroit Restaurants, Offers Free Parking


Downtown Detroit real estate company Bedrock is rolling out a number of alfresco dining areas to encourage people to return to the central district this winter. The developer announced the construction of several heated open-air pergolas on Thursday, December 10th, in compliance with nationwide COVID-19 regulations for outdoor dining and the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control.

The project is part of a four month initiative by the Bedrock and Rocket Community Fund of Quicken Loans Chairman Dan Gilbert, called Decked Out Detroit, to create “safe shopping, dining and entertainment experiences” per publication. The companies worked with the Detroit City Health Department to ensure that the outdoor dining facilities were as safe as possible and in line with health recommendations.

Restaurants and bars, especially in the city center, which were heavily reliant on the traffic of office workers working from home, were hit hard during the COVID-19 crisis. And winter, traditionally a challenging time for Michigan businesses, is even tougher this year as the restrictions on indoor restaurants aim to help limit the spread of new COVID-19 infections. While outdoor seating is allowed, there are restrictions on how these structures can be assembled according to state regulations, and construction can be prohibitively expensive – especially if people don’t like eating outside in cold weather.

Customers who eat at restaurants at Bedrock restaurants such as Avalon Bakery, Besa, Buddy’s Pizza Downtown, Calexico, Cannelle by Matt Knio, Cornerstone Barrel House, Eatori Market, Hudson Cafe, Maru Sushi, Mootz Pizzeria and Bar, and San Morello dine, can also secure eight free hours of parking on Bedrock lots across downtown. Free parking starts on Monday December 14th and the pergolas are expected to launch on Friday December 18th. Customers must follow all state guidelines for wearing masks and social distancing. Further events and shopping activations will be announced shortly.

At the beginning of the pandemic, Bedrock offered its tenants rent relief and later offered them the option to temporarily change their leases to wave rentals and fees for the month of June and instead wave the basic rent in favor of a fee of 7 percent on gross sales for reopened shops. These programs are expected to expire on Thursday, December 31st.

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