Bedrock offers outdoor dining, free parking with ‘Decked Out Detroit’


Bedrock launched Decked Out Detroit to give restaurants and other businesses a chance to battle while Michigan is on hiatus.

The program is an initiative between Bedrock Detroit and Rocket Community Fund and has a four-month plan to promote alfresco dining, shopping, and other activities in downtown Detroit in a safe and socially distant way.

Decked Out Detroit begins December 18 with pergolas – covered archways under the open sky – in front of select downtown restaurants. The outdoor dining areas have custom space heaters, tables, and chairs. Guests can eat in various restaurants and sit in one of the strategically located pergolas.

Some of the participating restaurants are Avalon Bakery, Besa Detroit, Buddy’s Pizza, Calexico, Cannelle Detroit, Cornerstone, Etori, Hudson Café, Maru Sushi, Mootz Pizzeria and Bar, and San Morello.

The planners worked with the City of Detroit Health Department to ensure that all elements of Decked Out Detroit were compliant with the latest COVID-19 health and safety regulations. This is evident from the details released by Bedrock this week.

Mootz Pizzeria, shown here on November 16, is one of the participating restaurants in Bedrock's Decked Out Detroit initiative.

“Despite the pandemic, many businesses in downtown Detroit have demonstrated incredible resilience and continued to support the local community with innovative new programs. Decked Out Detroit aims to build on this dynamic by providing safe ways for the public to mask themselves, get outside and enjoy their city, ”said Bedrock CEO Kofi Bonner in a media warning about Decked Out Detroit. “As COVID continues into the winter months, it is Bedrock’s responsibility to do its part to support businesses and raise the mood in the community this Christmas season.”

Starting Monday, Bedrock will offer eight hours of free parking in eight downtown locations including the Z-Garage, One Campus Martius, Financial District Garage, and Greektown Garage. Visitors can have their parking spaces validated by shopping at a participating retailer or restaurant in the city center.

Not driving? Through March 13th, Bedrock is offering 410 off Lyft trips to and from Detroit on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Use code BedrockDetroit on the Lyft app to get the discount.

More “memorable major activities” are planned for the coming spring season, says Bedrock. Details will be announced later this winter.

Buddy's Pizza in downtown Detroit is one of the restaurants participating in Decked out Detroit, an outdoor promotion by Bedrock.

For more information, visit, which launches on Thursday.

Last May, Bedrock offered tenants sales-related lease amendments as well as other resources to help small Detroit businesses cope with the pandemic.

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Dusty Kennedy