Best Restaurants For Wine 2018: 6 Metro Detroit Spots To Sip


METRO DETROIT, MICHIGAN – Cheers, Metro Detroit

Wine Spectator, one of the world’s leading wine authorities, has compiled its list of the best wine restaurants for 2018 based not only on the breadth of vintages in their cellars, but also on how well wine pairs with appetizers. Around the Metro Detroit area, dozens of restaurants have made the prestigious list of 3,759 restaurants worldwide with an excellent selection of wines.

The lifestyle magazine for wine and wine culture presented awards in three categories: Award of Excellence, Best of Award of Excellence and Grand Award, which was only given to 91 restaurants worldwide. Wine Spectator experts screen all candidates for the Grand Award to evaluate both the quality of the dining experience and the cellar.

This award is given to restaurants with first class cellars and wine lists, typically offering a selection of 1,000 or more, a variety of top producers, as well as outstanding depth in mature vintages and a selection of large format bottles. Restaurants in this category are also rated based on the presentation of the wine list and the harmony with the menu.

No restaurants in Michigan won the Grand Award, but six local spots received the Best of Award of Excellence.

1538 Center St.
Detroit, Michigan
United States

(313) 732-9463


800 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, Michigan
United States

(313) 922-7272

Wolfgang Puck Steak

MGM Grand Detroit
1777 Third St.
Detroit, Michigan
United States

(313) 465-1644

Big Rock Chop House

245 S. Eton St.
Birmingham, Michigan
United States

(248) 647-7774

The rugby grille

The Townsend Hotel
100 Townsend St.
Birmingham, Michigan
United States

(248) 642-5999

The Capital Grille

2800 W. Big Beaver Road
Troy, Michigan
United States

(248) 649-5300

Wine Spectator’s 2018 Restaurant Award winners range from neighborhood wine bars serving small plates to opulent palaces with star chefs and elaborate tasting menus. Getting a mention is quite a big deal for the restaurants.

“A Wine Spectator Award tells our guests – current and potential – that our program has been reviewed by a group of experts and is considered one of the best in the world,” said Erik Segelbaum, Corporate Wine Director of Starr Restaurants Group, in a news release.

Segelbaum, whose restaurants won 16 Wine Spectator Awards this year, said that “wine-loving diners say visiting one of our restaurants is time and money well spent.” The awards are very popular at home and abroad, he said.

“There is no doubt that Wine Spectator’s ratings and awards are highly valued by the national and international community,” he said in the press release. “Awards of this kind show our wine-loving guests that visiting one of our restaurants is time and money that are well spent.”

Wine Spectator recognized restaurants are located in all 50 states and 75 countries.

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Dusty Kennedy