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Best vegan/vegetarian food in Ann Arbor: Detroit Filling Station


I’m probably the furthest thing in the world from being a vegan. I grew up with three older brothers who all developed talents for smoking and grilling various cuts of meat. When I thought of vegan food, I thought of hummus, vegetables, and tofu. The only time I’d ever really tried going vegan was at my cousin’s vegan wedding in 2018, and even then I topped my plate with mild noodles because everything else on the menu terrified me.

However, I went to the Detroit Filling Station because my best friend loves vegan food and I felt good that day. I ordered a Reuben tempeh sandwich because I like sauerkraut and thought I could pick up the tempeh if it was as gross as I imagined it would be in my head. I unwrapped the sandwich and prepared for the worst.

To my surprise, I enjoyed it. The tempeh was nutty and had a chicken-like texture, and the sauerkraut balanced it perfectly. I took another bite to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. Same reaction.

It wasn’t quite the Reuben sandwich you’d get from Zingerman, but in some ways it was better, with bolder and more unique flavors. It doesn’t try to replicate meat, but with perfect seasoning and cooking technique it becomes its own without excuse, just as typical corned beef or chicken never could.

The Detroit Filling Station, with its brick wall and natural light, has unexpectedly become one of my favorite restaurants, proving that even the biggest meat eaters can enjoy vegan food.

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