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Black-owned food delivery app service expands to Detroit


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Philadelphia-based mobile grocery delivery service Black and Mobile is expanding. And the first city they chose outside of their own is Detroit.

Founded in 2019 by twin brothers David and Aaron Cabello, Black and Mobile works with black-owned restaurants to deliver groceries to their customers.

David Cabello told the Detroit Free Press that the idea was inspired by the election of Donald Trump in 2016. The controversial race and Trump’s seemingly racist ideologies led the twins to dedicate themselves to proactively supporting black businesses.

The Cabellos started working for third-party Reliever apps like PostMates and later for Uber Eats and Caviar. The money they were making sparked an idea: if they could do it for these big companies, why not for themselves?

They also found that many of these companies did not highlight black-owned companies or their predominantly black customers.

“It’s really important because you have to know where our stores are,” David told the Free Press. “It sounds easy, but it’s not for many people. When I first started I didn’t even know these restaurants existed in my own town. That alone shows the need for a service or policy to find black businesses. Of course, there are directories out there to help you find them, but we’ll get them right to your door. “

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Black and Mobile became known in Philly and the support of a few small tech partnerships also drew national press and interested investors.

Soon the idea of ​​expanding into other cities arose.

Detroit is the perfect choice for Black and Mobile for several reasons. Cabello said one of those reasons is the city’s historical significance in connection with the birth and rise of the Nation of Islam, which is a dominant force in Philadelphia.
Also that the city is relatively small but makes an exciting choice with a large black population.

Black and Mobile originally launched in Detroit in September, but the coronavirus pandemic and its devastating impact on restaurants in Michigan also weighed on their business.

Now the app is gearing up to relaunch and service Detroit businesses that will undoubtedly see a long recovery, even with hope of an end to the pandemic in sight.

For more information about Black and Mobile, visit or download the app from the App Store on your mobile device.

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