Brothers charged in brick theft from Detroit Land Bank home


Two siblings were charged with pulling bricks from a municipal building on the west side of Detroit, authorities said Wednesday.

On March 5, neighbors on Whitney’s 4000 block spotted two people pulling the bricks from the abandoned property and contacted the Detroit Land Bank, which alerted police, department officials said in a statement.

“The officers arrived at the scene and observed the people who stacked the bricks on four wooden pallets,” the press release said.

The men told officers they were allowed to work there, but their papers were not official, police said.

An investigation found the Detroit Land Bank did not have a contract with them, Wayne County prosecutors said.

Leo Sanders

The men identified as twin brothers Leon Sanders and Leo Sanders, both 59, were arrested and taken to the Detroit Detention Center.

They were charged on Sunday in Romulus 34th District Court on two counts: theft, and obtaining and covering up stolen property. The bond was set at $ 10,000.

A conference on possible causes is scheduled for April 15 at Detroit’s 36th District Court.


Dusty Kennedy