City of Detroit and SLA-led team partner on resident-focused neighborhood framework plan | News


The City of Detroit has built a promising partnership with Danish architects and urban planners SLA, local company Giffels Webster and consultants Utile, CDAD and HR & A to address and solve the social and urban challenges of the Gratiot / 7 Mile neighborhood in Detroit . The team was selected after winning a competition published by the City of Detroit that asked a multidisciplinary team to support a new neighborhood master plan.

Photo by SLA.

“The neighborhood Gratiot / 7 Mile has many challenges. But it also offers many opportunities and a lot of potential to transform yourself from a socially and physically handicapped area into a well-functioning community. We want the multidisciplinarity and the common Scandinavian-American roots of our team use the foundation for holistic development that will help Gratiot / 7 Mile regain a foothold – physically, socially, culturally and economically, “said Rasmus Astrup, Design Principal and Partner at SLA, in a statement.

Photo by Noah Stephens.

The team of advisors and the city have already started a series of “Virtual Community Meetings” to create the plan together with the residents. In fact, this is at the core of the team’s approach of working closely with residents, youth, business owners, community groups, city officials and others to develop a holistic planning method to improve the quality of life and “create new empowerment for the community” and its 10,000 or so Residents. “

Photo by Noah Stephens.

The result of the teamwork will lead to a strategic analysis, an urban and economic development plan and a conception for the area. This also includes recommendations on the use of nature, culture, safety, activities for children, infrastructure and other projects. The team is currently working on the neighborhood master plan, which should be completed by spring 2021.


Dusty Kennedy