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Coronavirus: Detroit Restaurants Switch to Carryout, Reduced Seating


Restaurants across Metro Detroit are rapidly adjusting their service to the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control to help prevent the spread of the new coronavirus (in addition to these guidelines, Governor Gretchen Whitmer today passed a new rule that will stop events and gatherings of 250 or prohibits more people). . “Social distancing” is an important measure to reduce the spread of infection. Moving to take-away-only, expanding to delivery, and reducing seating are just some of the ways restaurants are adapting to serve customers while avoiding the spread of the disease.

On Thursday, shortly after the first cases of the novel coronavirus in Michigan, Eater Detroit’s Restaurant of the Year, were identified Saffron De Twah closed his small dining room and switched to the carryout service. “After consulting with medical professionals, Saffron De Twah has decided to reduce the crowd and contact by temporarily changing our restaurant to ‘take away only’,” the owner said Omar Anani writes in a statement to Eater. Customers can take orders and have groceries delivered to their cars.

“I am ready to lose money to do the right thing.”

Anani and his team are also exploring options for extending it to delivery. “We have to be proactive and not reactive,” says Anani of the changes. “I am ready to lose money to do the right thing.”

Brome Modern Eatery also closed its dining rooms and temporarily closed its Detroit location. The Dearborn site will continue to offer implementation and delivery.

The response to the novel coronavirus outbreak means something different for cafes that deal with reusable containers and often have common items that people can use to customize their drink. To the Anthology coffee At Eastern Market, reducing exposure to the new coronavirus means taking additional measures to ensure customers and employees wash their hands and pull items such as self-service straws and sugar off counters when entering the company. At the red tick Shops in Ferndale and West Village, hand sanitizer was placed next to registers and self-service water was eliminated. The cafes also temporarily use disposable cups and utensils.

Stage Deli reduced capacity in its dining room as part of a “social distancing” plan. Courtesy photo

West Bloomfields Stage Deli went even further. In addition to roadside delivery and collection, owner Steve Goldberg tells Eater that the restaurant is improving its disinfection protocols and reducing seating capacity by 30 percent.

For those concerned about the high cost of delivery, some restaurants try to meet customers halfway through. LA Bistro Canton announced Thursday that it would offer free shipping on orders over $ 40.

Elsewhere, restaurants also explored new service formats to meet customer needs in the new, challenging environment. cook Nik Cole of the kitchen by cooking with Que According to New Center, the restaurant and cookery training has had a success over the past week due to cancellations of catering orders and slower foot traffic in the restaurant. “It was slow in the restaurant,” she says during the kitchen’s limited lunchtime service.

The restaurant, which also offers ready-made meals, also offers deliveries to its customers to reduce possible exposure to the new coronavirus. “We have allowed customers to have us delivered, which only makes them more convenient.” The kitchen doesn’t currently use delivery apps, but may look into this option if demand increases.

Update: This story was updated on March 14th at 6:10 pm

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