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Craving a Grilled Cheese? Here’s Where to Get One in Metro Detroit


Cafe Muse’s grilled cheese has been named one of the best in the country. // Photo by David Smith

N.The national Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day takes place on April 12th. To celebrate one of our favorite holidays – who doesn’t love a day dedicated to grilled cheese? – We round up some of the sandwiches not to be missed in the Detroit metropolitan area. Check them out below.

Cafe Muse

Café Muse offers one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches in the country. But don’t just take our word for it. Esquire Magazine, Oprah’s Sandwich Showdown and Reader’s Digest have all recognized the Royal Oak Restaurant for its take on the classic sandwich. The latter even called Café Muse’s grilled cheese “one of the perfect grilled cheese sandwiches in America”. The $ 10.25 sandwich includes three local cheeses – Havarti, Fontina, and fresh mozzarella – basil, tomato, and honey. Café Muse, 418 S. Washington Ave., Royal Oak; 248-544-4749;

One-eyed Betty

One-Eyed Betty’s is a great choice if you’re looking for a simple yet sophisticated take on the classic grilled cheese. The restaurant’s ridiculously good grilled cheese is served on toasted sourdough bread and includes sweet tomato jam to dip. The $ 11 sandwich is served with french fries or, for an additional charge, a choice of premium side dishes like onion rings, roasted vegetables, or mashed potatoes. One-Eyed Betty, 175 W. Troy St., Ferndale; 248-808-6633;

Grilled Cheese - HopcatHopCats Madtown Grilled Cheese contains unexpected ingredients like apple slices, honey, and garlic aioli. // Photo courtesy of HopCat


This Michigan chain gives the grilled cheese a touch of taste with unexpected additions. Madtown Grilled Cheese, built between two slices of grilled sourdough, costs $ 11.25 and contains dill Havarti, smoked Gouda and Munster cheese, as well as apple slices, garlic aioli, and honey. The sandwich is served with a cup of HopCat’s toasted paprika gouda sponge cake. HopCat, 4265 Woodward Ave., Detroit; 313-769-8828;

Avalon International Breads

Avalon is known for its breads. So it’s no wonder that the grilled cheese sandwich is worth a visit. The $ 10 Grown Up Grilled Cheese is made with havarti, goat cheese, tomato, and the shop’s spring onion dill bread. Avalon also offers a simple grilled kid’s cheese for $ 5. Avalon International Breads, multiple locations;


Dad Jokes 2.0 is one of two options in the veg / vegan section of Joebar’s sandwich menu. Grilled with garlic butter, this grilled cheese is made from provolone, Swiss, aged cheddar and spicy cucumber. The $ 12.14 sandwich is served with tomato soup and a McClure pickle. You can add a side of french fries or sweet potato fries for an additional charge. Joebar, 23839 John R Road, Hazel Park; 248-291-5711;

Grilled cheese merchantsThe Flaming Fig at Mongers’ Artisanal Commissions is an upscale take on your classic grilled cheese. // Photo courtesy of Mongers’ Commissions

Mongers’ provisions

This cheese, chocolate, and charcuterie shop offers grilled cheese sandwiches at its Detroit location seven locations a week. From the stash of artisanal ingredients come the products on the Mongers’ Provisions BBQ menu, which cost between $ 7 and $ 10. This includes the Cheeza !, which is made from Widmer brick cheese, Zingermans mozzarella, Ezzo hot peppers and a touch of tomato paste The Flaming Fig, a sandwich with the spicy Milton Creamery 4-Alarm Cheddar, Smoking Goose Capocollo and Dalmatia Fig Spread. All sandwiches are served on Crispellis sourdough and contain a selection of olives, gherkins, apricots or cherries. The shop also offers grilled cheese and soup specialties on a weekly basis. Mongers’ Provisions, 4240 Cass Ave., Detroit; 313-651-7119;

Not deli

The Nu Deli serves classic dishes with an Indian twist. For its grilled cheese option – called “Nu Grilled Cheese” – the Metro Detroit Food Truck builds the sandwich with four types of cheese, crispy Italian bread, tangy mango chutney and ground mustard. The sandwich is $ 8 and comes with a pickle and house-flavored french fries. Nu Deli; Visit for locations

Grilled cheese - royale with cheese Royale with Cheese serves up an over the top sandwich with fondue. // Photo courtesy Royal with Cheese

Royale with cheese

Royale with Cheese was inspired by the movie Pulp Fiction and is known for its indulgent burgers. But don’t sleep on the grilled cheese. The $ 9 All Up In Your Grill cheese sandwich features smoked Gouda, Parmesan, a fried egg, turkey bacon, and cheese fondue – yes, there is fondue. The over-the-top sandwich features toasted tomato and basil soup. Customers can add their meal to a combination of Royale Fries – flavors like fresh cabbage and garlic, Smokey BBQ and Parmesan – and a fountain drink or shake. Royale with Cheese, 4163 Cass Ave., Detroit; 313-315-3014;

Luxe bar and grill

Fittingly, this local restaurant serves a luxurious grilled cheese. The $ 14.50 sandwich is made of grilled multigrain bread and contains Gruyere, Munster, and goat cheeses, plus rocket, pickled jalapeño, and relish with red onions. The sandwich also includes a cup of homemade soup – the perfect companion to dunk in. Luxe Bar and Grill, 525 N. Old Woodward Ave., Birmingham; 248-792-6051; and 115 Kercheval Ave., Grosse Pointe Farms; 313-924-5459;

Zingerman’s bakery

Every Wednesday, Zingerman’s Bakehouse has a $ 5 grilled cheese lunch special. The sandwich features classically aged cheddar on sourdough bread and customers can add fresh tomato and honey mustard to their order. If this sandwich interests you, stop by as early as you can – when they’re gone, they’re gone. Zingerman’s Backhaus, 3711 Plaza Dr., Ann Arbor; 734-761-2095;


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