Darrell Bevell waits out Detroit Lions head coach search


It has been more than a week since Darrell Bevell was interviewed for the position as a coach with the Detroit Lions.

The team’s interim coach for the final five games of the 2020 season shared his thoughts on his interview and the frustration of waiting for what’s next in an interview with NFL Radio on SiriusXM on Thursday.

Darrell Bevell recently interviewed for the Lions head coach position.

“Yes, they are going through the process and taking their time,” Bevell said. “That’s something they said they would. Obviously, they’re going through GM interviews at the same time.

“It’s a bit frustrating, I guess the wait,” Bevell continued. “It’s been over a week since you interviewed and you don’t get a lot of feedback. You don’t get a lot of information because you’re kind of methodical about this process. It’s just a waiting game. I felt the interview went very well was really excited about the opportunity. I thought the team have played well in the last five games I’ve been there. I just hope for the best. “

Amusingly, while Bevell continued to work at the Allen Park Lions facility, he interviewed owner Sheila Ford Hamp, team president Rod Wood, and consultant Chris Spielman virtually.

“I was actually in the building, they were in the building, and we did the interview on Zoom,” Bevell said. “It was a bit like that, can’t we do this personally? I was in the next room, but they wanted to keep it the same (like the other candidates). Yeah, it was pretty much the same process.

“They would start, you would tell them about yourself, and then I really had a PowerPoint presentation of my thoughts on the program and how I was going to run it and what it should look like,” Bevell continued. “I was able to go through that. And when you’re done, like three hours later, then there’s a conversation in the middle while you ask questions about some of the things you bring up. It was a really good process. Thought she did thorough that Job done. “

The reins were handed over to Bevell after the team sacked coach Matt Patricia after losing to the Houston Texans on Thanksgiving Day. With no time for major changes, Bevell focused on quickly creating a culture based on effort and fun.

“I wanted them to enjoy it,” Bevell said. “I wanted them to have a great time. I wanted them to love coming to work. I wanted them to love to play for each other and I would fill the rest of it where I would for the rest had to do it.

“When you saw the team, I wanted people to watch the team and see a difference on the field – how they played, how hard they played (as I said), how I said how they started are and how much fun and joy they had together. “

The Lions won their first game with Bevell on top, defeating the Chicago Bears (34-30) on the road. But the team would drop their last four competitions and drop an average of 40 points on losses.

Bevell, along with four other coaches, missed the team’s game against Tampa Bay on December 26th after a defensive assistant coach tested positive for the COVID-19 virus and Bevell and the other coaches were classified as high-risk close ties.

In addition to Bevell, the Lions have ex-Bengals coach Marvin Lewis, San Francisco defensive coordinator Robert Saleh, Kansas City offensive coordinator, Eric Bieniemy, Tennessee offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, and New Orleans coach Dan Campbell for the Interviewed coach position.

The team is scheduled to speak to Tampa Bay defensive coordinator Todd Bowles on Friday and is reported to have a second in-person interview with Smith.

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