Deadline Detroit | Detroit News Columnist ‘Wojo’ Got Restless After 1st Shot, Then Got Covid


Bob Wojnowski: “It will find you.” (Photo: Fox 2 Video)

Detroit News columnist Bob Wojnowski, also known as “Wojo”, has a message for the doubters, troubled people and others who don’t take Covid seriously: “It’s not over yet. Sorry folks, we have to do this by now play to the end. ” No time-outs, no slacking off, no looking back. “

Wojo tells readers that he contracted the disease:

Not me, never. I wear the mask, I wash my hands, I stay 6 feet from people for the most part. COVID has no shot against me.

I was four weeks ago, dutiful and defiant. This is me today: 14 pounds lighter, still craving for bacon, tired but better.

It will find you if you let it. I signed it with Covid-19 with a brief disappointment and, as best I can tell, on March 27, two days after my first Pfizer shot. Did I get cocky or careless after a shot, even though two days is nowhere near enough time for the vaccine? I do not believe that. I was restless, bored, and frankly, stupid. It was the second Saturday of the NCAA tournament and I met up with a few friends in a restaurant-bar where the tables were well spaced. As the games went on, more people came in, I stayed inside too long and that was it.


Dusty Kennedy