Deadline Detroit | Which Metro Detroit restaurants have heated patios? Freep has a list.


In an act of pure service journalism, the Detroit Free Press answered the question trembling restaurant diners have been asking themselves since the weather turned cold: Where can we eat that is somehow sorted outside and where won’t we freeze to death?

East Eats in Jefferson-Chalmers. (Photo from the restaurant)

Susan Selasky reports on 10 locations in Metro Detroit with space and funding to install tents, igloos, yurts, and other outdoor buildings that can be warmed to a reasonably comfortable temperature for safer, socially distant meals.

In Detroit, that includes East Eats, Bobcat Bonnies, and Lumen.

Always call ahead; While many restaurants have both indoor and outdoor seating, the outdoor areas tend to be more restricted and in demand. While these structures are generally comfortable enough, it’s not the same as indoors. A jacket, sweater, and other warm clothing are recommended.


Dusty Kennedy