Detroit archbishop urges Catholics to be ‘renewed in their zeal to study the Bible’


Detroit Catholic Archbishop Allen Vigneron urges supporters in southeast Michigan “to be renewed in their zeal to study the Bible,” a move that coincides with the second annual observance of a day, Pope Francis Celebrating and Study of Scripture.

In a pastoral note on the second annual Sunday of God’s Word, the archbishop said he was assuming the Pope’s “responsibility” to “promote prayerful reading of the Bible and greater familiarity with God’s Word”.

“As the Archdiocese of Detroit continues its ‘missionary conversion’ so that every Catholic can be trained and sent out as a joyful missionary disciple, I want to emphasize the need to turn to the Word of God to equip and inspire us for this mission,” wrote Vigneron .

“Because scripture is not just human scripture, but was written by God himself, it has the unique power to transform the human heart and make us wise for salvation.

“Scripture enlightens our spirits, reveals God’s glorious plan of salvation, teaches us his ways, and shows us how to live as his people.”

Vigneron’s pastoral letter was published on Sunday. It fits perfectly with the Sunday of the Word, which Francis introduced in an apostolic letter, Aperuit illis, published in September 2019, the Archdiocese of Detroit reported.

In his letter, the Holy Father stated that “the third Sunday of the ordinary time should be dedicated to the celebration, study and dissemination of the word of God”.

The first celebration was January 26, 2020.

In his pastoral note, “The Power of God’s Word”, Vigneron wrote: “Jesus taught his disciples a deep reverence for the Scriptures. Because it is the living Word of God, the Scriptures cannot be broken” (John 10:35). Jesus himself lived in obedience to the Scriptures and fulfilled them through his life, death and resurrection. “

In addition to the pastoral note, the Archbishop of the Archdiocese also dedicated his latest podcast episode, “Eyes on Jesus”, to the Holy Scriptures.

The Archdiocese also offers Metro Detroit Catholics opportunities to dedicate themselves to the Scriptures, including the Grow Year Scripture Challenges, which invite participants to commit to reading all or part of the Bible this year, and the Guide “52 Sundays “Sunday readings, prayer, meals and other activities.