Detroit automakers to give up temperature checks, keep mask mandate


Most of the COVID-19 health protocols, which have now been in place at the Detroit Three auto plants for more than a year, will remain “out of caution,” a task force made up of the United Auto Workers, Ford Motor Co., General Motors shared Co. and Stellantis NV on Wednesday.

The task force said in a statement that the decision to retain face masks, goggles, social distancing and hand washing was made “after reviewing reports from health and medical experts.” The workplace regulations in plants would also be based on the regulations in the federal states, districts and municipalities in which the facilities are located.

However, temperature tests at the entrances to the facility are to be phased out “along with other minor adjustments to the entry and exit procedures”.

The state of Michigan has lifted the mask requirement for fully vaccinated individuals, as directed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the state’s broader mask mandate expires on July 1. However, jobs can have their own requirements.

The task force said it will continue to encourage staff to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

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Dusty Kennedy