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(CBS Detroit) – Jasmine Jackson, the owner of Detroit Black Coffee, is all about new combinations when it comes to coffee and soda, and she shared some of her current favorite recipes for you to make at home.

Take your coffee to the next level this spring with new flavor combinations. As the seasons change, try switching your coffee order to something with more vibrant, floral notes.

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Photo credit: Jasmine Jackson

Jackson stated that her interest in coffee stems from her background in the culinary arts. When she was in college, she started working at Starbucks, where she learned more about the different beans and the regions they came from to help guests. She would use the variety of flavors, coffee and sodas to make her own drinks to see what different combinations tasted good.

She graduated from Dorsey Culinary School in 2011 and started working for Joe Muer in Bloomfield Hills. There she was introduced to the idea of ​​roasting coffee beans.

“Roasters came in to teach the owner about coffee and I listened to the reviews because I thought the idea of ​​roasting was so interesting and wanted to learn about coffee. Then I wanted to open a coffee shop, ”said Jackson.

After doing some research, Jackson found a roaster to work with and launched Detroit Black Coffee in November 2019. She was looking for places to open the cafe, but just a few months before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, she had to stop plan to rotate and switch.

“I bottled my juice, coffee, and lattes from my house to get my name out there, but that’s for now,” said Jackson. “We’re in the process of building a mobile trailer and we’re almost there.”

The trailer enables Detroit Black Coffee to travel to different locations around the city, make it easier to cater for events, and feed more individuals across the community.

Jackson said, “We’re not just in town; We’re in town and every fourth Saturday we go out and feed the homeless. They say the coffee girl will go and get in line immediately because they know they will get coffee and a good meal. I feed them no less than what I would like to eat. “

For the moment, Jackson is feeding around 50 people each time and she looks forward to finalizing the trailer and growing her business so she can feed even more people more often.

As a lifelong Detroit woman, Jackson felt it was important to keep her business down town and serve those in need in her own community.

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She even names her coffees after different streets and locations in Detroit that influenced her life, from the neighborhood she grew up in to the high school she attended.

The recipes:

Photo credit: Jasmine Jackson

Strawberry and Rose Lemonade:
8 ounces of your favorite lemonade
1/2 ounce rose syrup
Sliced ​​strawberries
Dried rose petals

1. Put all ingredients in a shaker bottle or mason jar with a lid.
2. Add ice to the mixture and shake 10 times.
3. Pour into your favorite glass and enjoy.

Photo credit: Jasmine Jackson

Lavender and honey iced coffee
8 ounces of our 3030 Fairview then brewed chilled coffee
1 / 2oz lavender syrup
1 / 2oz honey syrup
Dried lavender for garnish

1. Pour chilled coffee and syrup into a mason jar with a lid.
2. Shake the mixture 10 times.
3. Pour your favorite glass with ice.
4. Garnish with dried lavender.
(You can also add a dash of milk of your choice for those who prefer milk with their iced coffee. *)

Photo credit: Jasmine Jackson

Brown Butter Toffee Latte
1 ounce brown butter toffee syrup
7 ounces of your favorite milk (steamed)
Whipped cream for toppings
Chopped Heath chocolate bar for garnish

Add the brown butter toffee syrup to your steamed milk in a coffee mug.
Mix well.
Top with whipped cream and heather candy.

Visit the Detroit Black Coffee website to shop for products like coffee grounds and beans, teas, edible flowers, and more!

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