Detroit Business Owner Wins ‘Lucky for Life’


Do you remember March when we had two consecutive Lucky for Life winners in Michigan? Well, one of those winners was Detroit-born Roderick Slaughter! On February 11th, he won the “Lucky for Life” lottery.

The winning numbers were 07-09-15-31-39 LB: 01

Slaughter told MLive that he doesn’t normally play Lucky for Life and decided to switch it that day.

I usually play the Lotto 47 game, but I’ve decided to give the Lucky for Life game a try. The morning after the draw, I reached for my cell phone to check my ticket and couldn’t believe it when I realized I had won. I woke up my wife immediately and said, “Is this real ?!”

If you win, you have the option to receive $ 1,000 per day for the rest of your life or 20 years. If you don’t want to make the daily payments, there is a one-time flat fee of $ 5.75 million.

The carnage opted for the one-time package. He is a Detroit business owner with plans to retire early and create a legacy fund to educate his grandchildren.

I am not crying, you are crying. What kind of guy am I right?

Slaughter also told MLive that he was looking forward to having more downtime and being able to travel.

If we win this award, we can move forward with our plans quickly. We will travel and spend more time with our family.

I’m not the luckiest person so I hardly ever play the lottery. If you’re something of my best friend and enjoy kicking back with a cigarette and a scratch, you can visit the Michigan Lottery official website for the latest on the lottery business.

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Dusty Kennedy