Detroit Councilwoman Janee Ayers’ eligibility for ballot challenged


Detroit – Councilor Janee Ayers’ eligibility to vote on August 3 has been challenged because she claims her campaign did not submit financial reports for the campaign.

Ayers makes her second offer for one of two seats on the Detroit Council.

The Ayers Certification Challenge was filed on April 23 on behalf of Leigh Reed-Pratt by Attorney Andrew Paterson, who claims Ayers signed her affidavit for the primary claim that she had no outstanding records, fines or fees, an ” wrong statement.

Detroit city clerk Janice Winfrey confirmed that she and the city’s legal department received a challenge for Ayers’ candidacy over the weekend.

Ayers confirmed to The News on Monday that she had submitted her affidavit and signatures to the clerk’s office on April 6th. Shortly after the registration deadline on April 20, she was certified for the vote.

“The last correspondence I received from the (town) clerk’s office was the certificate of proficiency,” she said. “If anyone has any questions, they’d have to go to the clerk. Aside from being enough, I don’t know what these people are looking for. We pride ourselves on making sure these (filings) are done.”

Michigan law requires candidates to certify that their campaign financial reports have been submitted and that late fees have been resolved upon launching their campaigns.

Reed-Pratt’s challenge calls on Winfrey and the Detroit Election Commission to evaluate claims that Ayers had at least two pending reports, revised annual reports from 2018 and 2020, that were required to be filed under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act.

Paterson said Reed-Pratt would not be made available for an interview. Patterson did not immediately respond to a request for explanation on Monday.

When registering, Winfrey and / or the electoral commission are asked to decide on the challenge on or before Wednesday.

“If a decision is not made within the above deadline, we will proceed with filing the appropriate legal action,” it says.

On Monday morning, Winfrey said Ayers had put in the necessary signatures to nominate the petition to run the vote. But Winfrey said there might be a “problem” with campaign funding.

Winfrey said if a candidate has an issue with campaign funding, she will notify the Wayne County Clerk office, which is in charge of campaign funding compliance.

A spokesman for the Wayne County Clerk’s Office could not be reached immediately.

The city’s main election must be completed by May 11, Winfrey said.

Ayers was first appointed to the Detroit Council in February 2015 to conclude the final year of Councilor Saunteel Jenkins’ tenure. She was elected as a member of the Council for a full four-year term in 2017.

Ayers is the youngest candidate to have faced an eligibility challenge in the past few days. Taylor town clerk, Cynthia Bower, ruled Friday that the accused Mayor Rick Sollars would not appear in August on campaign matters, and in Pontiac, election officials disqualified Mayor Deirdre Waterman for failing to submit campaign reports on time.

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Dusty Kennedy