Detroit, Dearborn schools prepare for online instruction after spring break


Public schools in Detroit and Dearborn are switching from face-to-face learning to online school next week after spring break as COVID-19 cases and positivity rates continue to rise in Michigan, especially among young people.

Both districts are celebrating their spring break this week, giving students and staff free time. Detroit Public Schools Community District students are expected to return on Monday, while Dearborn Public Schools are expected to return on Tuesday.

Detroit, Michigan’s largest school district, decided Tuesday to move away from face-to-face learning to give staff and students a week of social isolation after the spring break to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Employees returning to buildings must receive a negative COVID-19 test before beginning face-to-face learning.

Detroit students are not required to take any tests before returning to school. However, district officials said they plan to start a random COVID saliva testing program for students and staff in schools the week of April 12th. Tests will be carried out on-site at schools, and families and staff will be informed of the test results, authorities say.

Dearborn Public Schools officials made the decision on Thursday to change learning modes. “As an extra precaution when students and staff return from the spring break,” the district will return to school with virtual learning from next Tuesday through April 9.

Students will continue to attend live classes this week but will not be in person for classes, officials said.

In a letter to the community, Superintendent Glenn Maleyko said he had attended every school in the district since the students returned in person on March 1.

Maleyko said he was “proud to see students and staff follow all COVID-19 safety protocols. We will continue to consider safety a top priority, and with great caution we decided to put all students on a virtual schedule for the week.” “

The Dearborn District is making arrangements for students 16 and older who wish to get a vaccination in April. This age group can be vaccinated on Monday in Michigan.

Both districts offer full-time online study programs that allow students to study in person or to stay at home to study remotely.

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Dusty Kennedy