Detroit Design 139 to exhibit development achievements, aspirations


For fans of architecture, design, landscaping, and urban planning in Detroit, get excited! An exhibition that coincides with the Detroit Design Festival shows 38 innovative development ideas in practice and in the pipeline around Detroit.

Detroit Design 139 opens to the public on Thursday, September 14th at 1001 Woodward, just across from Campus Martius. The exhibit will have faculty for those who come to see who has questions, as well as scheduled events that involve the community on the future of Detroit design.

It’s like one of our best development cards on display.

The exhibition is divided into seven sections: riverside, urban planning, neighborhood planning, mixed tape (strategies for commercial corridors), U of M design studio projects, adaptive reuse, and new build.

Of the 38 projects presented, 18 are located outside the 11 km long city center. Maurice Cox, director of urban planning in Detroit, hopes this exhibition will showcase the wide range of projects across the city and have a community talk across all of the city’s 139 square kilometers.

An international jury selected the top projects to be exhibited. The urban planning department also brought in a variety of projects that focused on neighborhood redevelopment. The exhibition includes new builds like True North, innovative adaptive reuse projects like the Foundation Hotel, and a wide range of plans for redesigning the East Riverfront.

Some other designs to consider: an ad on the State Fairgrounds project, renderings for the North End building with the lighted mural, and a U of M project for a sky bar across from Eastern Market.

Melissa Dittmer, Vice President of Architecture + Design at Bedrock, hopes this will be the first of a biannual event where we can take a look at what’s happened and what’s to come. Many areas of the city are currently not represented in this design exhibition. But as the development grows and we continue these conversations, these ideas will continue to evolve from visionary to implementation.

Detroit Design 139 will be open to the public daily from 12pm to 7pm starting September 14th. More information can be found here.

1001 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226


Dusty Kennedy