Detroit fire truck careens into east side gas station after SUV collision


7 injured in Detroit Fire truck crashes into gas station

A chaotic crash could have been much worse on Wednesday after a Detroit fire engine was dispatched to a gas station on the east side.

A Detroit fire truck was hit by an SUV and plowed into a gas station in Dequindre and at the State Fair on Wednesday night. Seven people were injured, including three firefighters.

A Lincoln Navigator crashed into the rig at the intersection and sent it into the pumps of the gas station, hitting another vehicle before it came to rest in front of the gas station shop. Video below courtesy of Metro Detroit News Instagram page.

WATCH: Surveillance video of a fire truck crashing into a gas station in Detroit


A trail of debris could be seen at the Citgo, with the rig leaning against the building. Fortunately, all seven injured are expected to recover from minor injuries.

A witness told FOX 2 that the Navigator SUV got the green light when it collided with the fire engine responding to a call on I-75. The SUV then hit a light pole and the fire truck hit a gas pump and a parked van.

“The truck came down Dequindre, it had the green light,” said the witness. “The fire truck came down Outer Drive. The fire truck tried to avoid him and drive up Dequindre, he lost control.

“It was just a blind side accident, but he was right.”

Detroit police say it is unclear who is to blame for the investigation at this point.


Dusty Kennedy