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Detroit Frankie’s and Good Truckin’ Diner to join forces


LANSING – Two Lansing restaurants, Detroit Frankie’s Wood Fired Brick Oven and Good Truckin ‘Diner, are moving to share a restaurant south of the city.

Detroit Frankie owner Frank Tignanelli and Good Truckin owner Nick Sinicropi are close friends who both say they really anticipate this move.

Tignanelli’s restaurant is currently located in Delta Township, which he opened a year ago at the start of the COVID pandemic. This is his sixth year in the food business, previously operating a food truck.

He emphasizes that he takes great pride in making high quality pizza.

“It’s all about the products,” said Tignanelli. “As long as there are quality products, that’s all that matters.”

Tignanelli works with Igor Jurkovic as a co-owner. Jurkovic has also been active in the catering trade for a number of years. He said this new location will help the business thrive.

“You look at the competition,” said Jurkovic. “Areas that are not that saturated [with people] work very well. “

On the other hand, Good Truckin ‘Diner is already relatively close to its new location. The successful restaurant in REO Town will be relocated just three kilometers to the south.

Dan Nuñez, owner of Wheel House Studio, a pottery studio two doors down from Good Truckin ‘, got closer to Sinicropi.

He talked about how Sinicropi helped him get his business going and enabled him to retrieve items from his storage unit.

“Nick was the reality,” said Nuñez.

Along with the joint business venture, however, there will be some changes in the respective business areas. Tignanelli’s store, Detroit Frankies Pizza & Deli, will serve Detroit-style pizzas in place of the wood-fired pizzas the current location is known for.

Next to the restaurant there will also be a small Italian-style market where customers can buy products for making pizzas such as batter, sauce and olive oil. Customers can also buy other Italian favorites like pasta, among other things.

Sinicropis Good Truckin ‘Food, on the other hand, will be reducing its menu, although it is still not certain which items will be kept off the diner.

It is not yet known when the joint business will open, but the owners hope it will be in the next month or so.


Dusty Kennedy