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Detroit Lions Christian Jones Almost Pepper-Sprayed Racism


Former Detroit Lions linebacker Christian Jones was nearly sprayed with pepper spray when his wife went to the door to retrieve his food order, according to his wife.

In an extensive Instagram post, the delivery driver was reportedly “surprised” by Jones’ appearance and almost took action.

“We ordered dinner over overeating, and when Christian went to the door to meet the delivery man, he was visibly shocked by Christian’s appearance and held pepper spray in the other hand, ready to spray it. Christian shrugged (as he did usually does), but I lost it and burst into tears, “described Liz Howell on social media.

“We ended up having a deep conversation about why Christian’s behavior is the way it is – if you knew him, you would say that he is accidentally not threatening; when he approaches a white person, he is overly nice, accommodating and reassuring to them. He goes out of his way to ask people how they’re doing when we walk down the street, or make us big, nice grins when he passes white people. It always bothered me somehow How he’s getting out of his way of making white people so comfortable all the time because it’s unnecessary to me. But this time it really clicked me that my husband had to adjust throughout his life to be “not threatening ” to act.

Howell explains that she prefers to be by his side as much as possible to prevent negative or aggressive events from occurring because of his race and appearance.

“I don’t want any sympathy for this post and I really hate getting that kind of attention on social media … but I just had to get this out because a lot of you seem to have no idea what’s going on with the blacks in this country, that we all call our home? I think it would do us all good to imagine one day in someone else’s non-white shoes. It is not and has never been safe in America for black men. “

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