Detroit Lions’ D’Andre Swift back to normal after rough few weeks


It’s been almost a month since Detroit Lions Running D’Andre Swift back spoke to the media, and a lot has happened in those 28 days, not that he had much to say about it.

Swift’s name not only adequately describes his movement skills, but also his approach to interviews. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a man in a few words. But there were understandably many beginner health questions after missing three games in a row while dealing with headaches that may or may not have been the result of a concussion.

“It’s been a little rough,” Swift said over the past few weeks. “I’m sure I just went through the concussion protocol. Just something that was new to me with the headache and so on. The training staff and doctors here just did an excellent job of guiding me through the protocol, I take every test and make sure that everything is fine. ”

And after the noises everything is fine, even if it was a tricky situation there for a minute. It remains unclear what actually went on during this three-week stretch.

After speaking to him and confirming the schedule, we know that he made his first start against Washington on Sunday November 15th. It was a sensational performance in which he caught up with 149 meters from the precipice and scored a touchdown on victory.

The following Wednesday, Swift met virtually with the media after training, but the next day he did not practice and was listed on the injury report as listed in the concussion log.

As he explained this week, this Wednesday he got his first headache.

Swift was eventually removed from the concussion log two weeks later, but the headache persisted. His injury title was changed to Illness and he was taken off for another week.

When asked if he was ever actually diagnosed with a concussion, he said, “It was talked about first, but I don’t know,” Swift said. “I know my head hurt.”

It wasn’t until the end of last week that Swift felt normal again and was able to return to the line-up against the Packers on Sunday. In the loss, he played 36 snapshots, carried the ball seven times for 24 yards and a touchdown, while catching four passes for 26 yards.

Most importantly, the headache has not returned.

“I was just so happy to play the game I love,” he said. “I hate to miss out on time, anything. I mean, I just had to do what I had to do to make sure I was fine physically and mentally. Like I said, the doctors and training staff did a great job, just checking all the boxes to make sure I’m fine. I couldn’t wait to come back. ”

Now, after an up and down rookie year plagued by a hip injury at training camp to the recent headache battle, the round two draft pick can focus on ending its debut season strong.

“Just get us off season the right way,” he said. “A bit of why I love this team, we fight week after week. We just have to put it all together. I think we’ll end this season the way we want.”

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