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Detroit Lions: Former Detroit Lions linebacker nearly gets pepper-sprayed by DoorDash driver


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According to the woman from before Detroit Lions Linebacker (now with the Chicago Bears) Christian JonesHer husband was almost sprayed with pepper spray by a DoorDash driver as he walked to the door to collect his food.

Liz Jones posted the story on her Instagram account.

“I love this black man more than anything else in the world. Last night we witnessed something that hit me really hard in an indescribable way as a biracial woman married to a black man.

We ordered dinner on the door and when Christian went to the door to meet the delivery man he was visibly shocked by Christian’s appearance and was holding pepper spray in the other hand, ready to spray. Christian shrugged (as he usually does) but I lost it and burst into tears. We ended up having an in-depth conversation about why Christian’s behavior is the way it is – if you knew him, you would say that inadvertently he is not threatening; When approaching a white person, he is overly nice, accommodating, and comforting to them. He goes out of his way to ask people how they’re doing when we’re walking down the street, or make us smile big, nice when he walks past white people. It always kind of bothered me how he tries to make white people so comfortable all the time because it’s unnecessary to me; But this time it really clicked me that my husband had to adapt in the course of his life in order to appear “not threatening”.

He’s a 250-pound black man, pure muscle with pigtails. I live in constant, I mean * constant * fear that one day he won’t make it home alive after maybe driving too fast, his music is too loud or being run over because he has a nice car or water or Sweets picks up general store. He was even called by police officers from neighbors for walking our dog late at night. Because of this, I prefer to be with him most of the time when he goes somewhere, because I feel like my lighter complexion helps him look less threatening to others. This is his reality and our reality as a partner.

I don’t want any sympathy for this post and I hate getting that kind of attention on social media … but I just had to bring this out because a lot of you don’t seem to be saying what’s going on blacks in this country that we all do call our home. I think it would be good for all of us to imagine one day in someone else’s off-white shoes. It is not and has never been safe for black men in America. “

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