Detroit Lions to part ways with QB Matthew Stafford, reports say


After months of speculation, the Detroit Lions and Matthew Stafford appear to be on the verge of divorce. The quarterback and team have agreed to part ways and the Lions will begin working on trade offers immediately.

According to a source knowledgeable of the talks, Stafford initially suggested hiring team ownership shortly after the season, but the call was filed temporarily while the team looked for its new general manager and head coach.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford appears to be parting ways with the Lions.

As Lions focused on the finalist for these leadership roles, both Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell were notified of Stafford’s request. After the adjustments were made, Stafford spoke to both Holmes and Campbell and the decision was made to move on a deal.

While a deal now seems likely, there is still a possibility that Stafford will remain in Detroit if the team does not get a “fair market value,” according to the source.

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Number 1 on the 2009 draft, Stafford has broken almost every conceivable mark in franchise history, and the 12-year-old veteran has quickly climbed the league’s all-time charts for yards, deals and touchdowns.

Stafford immediately started as a rookie and struggled with injuries as a young player. He missed a lot of time in the first two seasons. As of 2011, however, he started one of the longest Ironman streaks in the quarterback position and started 136 games in a row.

That streak ended in 2019 when a broken bone in Stafford’s back sidelined him for the last eight games of the season.

Stafford has a $ 33 million cap hit in 2021, but Lions will subtract about $ 14 million from the cap, regardless of whether they trade it or approve it. Several teams, including the Colts, 49ers, Saints, and Patriots, could be among the potential applicants.

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