Detroit man charged in armed robbery, murder on consecutive days


Detroit – A 30-year-old Detroit man faces 10 criminal offenses on two counts, allegedly guilty of armed robbery and first degree murder on consecutive days this month.

Jaywand Goodlett is being jailed for armed robbery and is expected to be charged with murder in Detroit’s 36th District Court on Monday.

In the murder case, a Valentine’s Day shootout, Goodlett faces seven charges: first degree murder, three criminal weapon cases, carrying a hidden weapon, carrying a dangerous weapon with illicit intent and criminal in possession of a weapon.

In the shooting, which was reported around 2:35 p.m. that Sunday, a 34-year-old man died on the 15,000 block at Cedar Grove, police said.

In an armed robbery around 1 p.m. on February 13, a 39-year-old man was seriously injured after being robbed and shot several times. That took place on the 12900 block of Hayes.

The two shooting scenes are on the east side of Detroit north of Houston-Whittier a tenth of a mile apart.

In the robbery, Goodlett faces three charges: armed robbery, a firearm, and a criminal in possession of a firearm.

Goodlett held a conference on possible causes of the robbery on February 25th before Judge Kenyetta Stanford Jones.


Dusty Kennedy