Detroit man injured in attack by 4 dogs


A man was bitten in several places on his body by four large dogs on the west side of the city on Friday, police said on Friday.

The 62-year-old was in serious condition after the attack, which occurred around 9:30 a.m. on the Fullerton 2900 block. According to a police press release, the victim suffered injuries to his legs, shoulder and ear.

The dogs ran away from their yard and began attacking the victim while he was walking around the area. The officers responded to the scene and tried to contact the dog’s owner, but were unsuccessful.

A witness at the scene tried to help the victim by hitting the dogs with an object, authorities said. The witness was able to secure the gate of the dog yard after the animals had returned to the yard.

Detroit Animal Control was notified and responded to the location.

The attack comes because Detroit has seen more dog bites and negligent pet owner tickets issued since 2019. In 2020, the data showed Detroit had an average of 34 bite reports per month, compared to 28 per month since the previous year. Zip codes 48228, 48235, 48205, 48219, and 48224 had the most reports of stray dogs and dog bites in Detroit.

According to Jenetra Chandle, an animal investigator in Detroit, District 4, more than 80% of dog bites in the city are not from stray dogs.

Detroit dog owners can have up to four dogs per household. In 2020, the number of dogs given by the owners was almost twice as high as in the previous year.

If you see a potentially dangerous stray dog ​​in your area or have a report of a bite or dogs chained and barking, call the city’s Pet Care and Control Call Center at 313-922-DOGS.