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Southfield (CW50) – There are hundreds of musicians who made their mark after starting their careers here in Detroit. Tino Gross made a name for himself as the man musicians across the country wanted to play with when they stopped in Detroit.

Community Connect host Jackie Paige with Detroit Music Legend Tino Gross, President of Funky D Records

Tino Gross joins Jackie Paige at Community Connect to talk about his life in the world of Detroit music and his endeavors in record production.

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One of Tino’s most memorable moments when it comes to playing with music legends was playing with Bob Dylan. After helping John Lee Hooker on drums as a teenager, Tino Gross’ name spread throughout the blues community and resulted in performances with even more musicians. Gross made good friends with Tony Garnier, Bob Dylan’s bassist. When Bob Dylan’s band was in town, Garnier came to Tino to take them to the best spots in town. His name went through the band on Dylan and eventually led Dylan to offer Tino a final second on guitar for him at the Fox Theater in Detroit.

The legendary Detroit musician Tino Gross on stage (courtesy of Tino Gross)

Tino Gross has a love and passion for making music, but he also found a drive to help other Detroiters bring their music to the world. Together with his wife Linda Lexy, Tino founded Funky D Records. He began his career as a producer in Mississippi and eventually opened his own label in the city of Detroit.

Tino discussed the names he’d recorded in his studio, which he calls Funk Bunker.

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“We had Don Was, the Vandellas, Barrett Strong, Robert Bradley … We are preparing for release [a record] by Johnny Bee, the legendary drummer who played on the Alice Cooper record. “

His love for Detroit and its musicians is evident in the way he talks about the artists that exist in the city.

“You could shoot a cannon in MotorCity and you will meet a musical genius … There is so much talent here. It’s in the ground, it’s in the water, it’s in the air. “

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