Detroit Named As One Of 6 Cities U.S. To Watch In 2017 By Conde Nast Traveler


The positive attention paid to Detroit as a travel destination continues to appear on Detroit.

The latest is a mention of Conde Nast Traveler Detroit highlighted as one of the “6 US Cities to See 2017”.

Conde Nast Traveler describes himself as “the bible and muse of the world citizen who provides both inspiration and important information”.

Highlights include the Detroit Museum of Contemporary Art, Jamaican restaurants, and the new Foundation Hotel, which opens with an on-site restaurant under the direction of a chef, with two Michelin-starred restaurants.

Detroit has long been on the upswing thanks to a surge of creatives and entrepreneurs who flocked to the city for its responsive real estate market.

Other cities highlighted are Baltimore, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, St. Louis, and Fort Worth. You can find the entire piece here.


Dusty Kennedy