Detroit Pistons to try some tweaks for second game against New York Knicks


It’s not very often in the NBA that a team will play the same opponent in two consecutive games. It becomes more of the norm during the pandemic as the league seeks to cut down on travel by playing a two-game miniseries rather than splitting up the individual matchups.

The preseason offers a glimpse as the Pistons face the New York Knicks for the second time in three days at Little Caesars Arena for the second preseason game on Sunday.

Jerami Grant only shot 1 of 11 off the field on Friday.

The rematch will include some adjustments from Friday’s Knicks win as the Pistons made 22 sales and shot only 32.5% off the field and 26% on 3-pointers. In a typical season, the coaches would switch to the next opponent. However, one of the advantages of the new setup is that they can make adjustments and try them out on the same opponent without having to wait that long.

For coach Dwane Casey, it’s not about below par shooting. It’s more about the lack of chemistry that’s portrayed in sales.

“With a lot of our sales, the guys expect the guys to be zigzag and they are zigzagging. It’s just about getting that out of our systems and that will be a process, ”said Casey on Saturday. “I’m going to say this about the young people: it’s a growth mentality as these guys keep growing and getting better to get to know each other.

“A great thing about all the young players: They made everything hard. If you do it all hard, be it transition defense, pick and roll defense, or halfway up, good things will happen. I’m not worried about the shooting; The shooting will come. “

Much of the focus of the first game was on rookie Killian Hayes, who was immediately put on the grid. Hayes had seven turnovers and some of the typical ups and downs a rookie point guard could see on his debut.

Hayes said after Friday’s game that he didn’t want to rely on excuses, but Casey was more focused on the positives and the adjustments they can make to continue Hayes’ development.

“He did a lot of good things. The sales are bright and you can see them, but they didn’t bother me. It’s part of the growth process for him, ”said Casey. “I promise you that he will learn from them and learn quickly. I showed him a video this morning and he saw it and talked about what he did wrong before it was even shown on the video.

“These things are going to happen, and once he’s got the length, pace, and pace of the NBA it won’t take long (to improve).”

Another problem was the lack of production from Jerami Grant (1:11 from the field) and Blake Griffin (3:11), and the two went together 2:12 from outside the arch. Grant opted for some long jump shots that attempted to limit Casey’s offensive philosophy.

The numbers appeared to be an anomaly, but after just one game all the data is analyzed. More games and more repetitions will help make up for that.

“He missed a few frank looks. He is a career high 30s (percent) 3 point shooter. That doesn’t bother me at all; he looked good. My thing is taking the right shots, ”said Casey. “We took the right pictures and want to improve corner 3 even further. We turned down some recordings that we normally did. We work on these recordings every day, so take them. “

Find the right mix

One of the bright spots for the pistons on Friday was Svi Mykhailiuk, who went 4 out of 8 with 3 hands. Mykhailiuk, who scored the top 40% of his career last season, had 14 points in 16 minutes and was more aggressive in finding his shot.

“I need to figure out more shots that I can take because we had a lot more shooters last year, but year I had to work more to get open because last year people knew I could shoot,” Mykhailiuk said on Saturday . “Nobody will look at me openly this year, so it will be difficult to leave the defender.”

The game of rookies Saddiq Bey (14 points) and Isaiah Stewart was another encouraging development as Casey found they all played hard and didn’t seem discouraged at the moment.

That could lead to different rotations and lineups for the game on Sunday. Casey indicated that there is more

“We’re going to do that and try to have different combinations, different people on the floor,” Casey said. “It goes on to the training camp, guys get used to each other.”

Casey’s thing

Casey and his wife Brenda continued their Very Merry Casey Christmas initiative with a US $ 15,000 donation to Pure Heart House in Detroit. It’s the third year that the Caseys have been supporting the nonprofit that helps children of imprisoned parents.

The donation included Meijer gift cards, a big screen TV, free uniforms and haircuts for teenagers, and other toiletries and groceries.

Piston against kinks

Tip: 7th Sunday, Little Caesars Arena, Detroit

TV / radio: FSD / 97.1

Outlook: The Knicks won the preseason opener with 90-84 and will be looking for the preseason sweep. Coach Tom Thibodeau played most of Friday’s game against his veterans, so fatigue could become a factor in the second half.

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