Detroit places Evgeny Svechnikov on waivers (again)


If we thought Shayne Gostisbehere would refrain from intrigue, this would be the most interesting pull of the week, then we were wrong. At least for Detroit fans. You know what? I’m not here to tell you what is most interesting to you. Maybe this one doesn’t tickle you as much as this one. You do you

Evgeny Svechnikov (DET) has been put on waivers.

– Chris Johnston (@reporterchris) April 2, 2021

The former first round player has five points in ten games this season and has looked perfect on an NHL roster so far. It was also looked at quite seldom. In Thursday’s OT defeat against the Panthers, the youngster only played 7:58. Its use has been a constant topic of discussion as it nears RFA status this off-season.

Personally, I think his skating has fallen behind and that might haunt him. He has good hands, vision and shot, but Teemu Pulkkinen was not far behind in these considerations and he is no longer in the league. Evgeny is better than that, but with the weight of its design position, I worry it doesn’t do it justice.

We will find out at noon tomorrow whether it is cleared or claimed. Svechnikov had previously approved the exemptions in January when many other teams were worried about their own rosters and claims are rare. We haven’t seen a flurry of claims throughout the season (hello Christian Djoos!) But this is a time when a player is less likely to be able to sneak through. If a team wants it, it’ll be cheap.

If Svechnikov clarifies (again), he can be assigned to the taxi squad or Grand Rapids. This does not mean that it needs to be assigned. Clearing waivers will start a 30 day or 10 game clock allowing assignment without the need for new waivers. These work cumulatively, so actually assigning this clock will not reset this clock.


Dusty Kennedy