Detroit Police Chief Craig speaking out against bond decision in case involving late officer


Detroit Police Chief James Craig speaks out again against a court ruling.

On Monday, Craig will be holding a press conference with the family of Detroit Police Sgt. Elaine Williams, who was fatally shot in 2019 to discuss the bond issue for Eddie Ray-Jr Johnson, the man charged with Williams’ murder.

Johnson, 35, who was charged with the murder and first degree firearm crime, was given $ 10,000 bail and a leash in the Third Circuit Court Thursday.

Attempts to contact the court on Sunday morning were unsuccessful.

Williams, a 14-year-old division veteran and mother of two, was found dead at her Garden City home in June 2019 after Johnson allegedly shot her in a domestic incident while she was off duty.

Johnson faces life in jail and was detained at Wayne County Jail pending decision Thursday.

This isn’t the first time Craig has spoken about a court ruling on a bond.

In March, Craig held another press conference on a Wayne County court’s decision to free two men from prison without bail after allegedly pointing a gun at a police corporal and his partner before opening officers led a high speed chase that ended the car plowed into a police cruiser.

Detroit police detectives filed charges against the two suspects, each including two charges of aggravated assault and escape from a police officer. The Wayne County Attorney’s Office cleared the charges against the two men who were tried in Millicent Sherman’s 36th District Court.

Craig said the behavior of some judges reflected a “growing culture of disrespect” towards police officers.

“About 75% of those arrested while illegally wielding firearms (prosecutors) issue arrest warrants – but then it comes down to indictment and not bond or low bond, and those people are back in our community,” said Craig during the Press conference in March. “That doesn’t work … if we can’t get illegal weapons off the street, what do we do?”

In 2018, Detroit officials criticized Judge William C. McConico of the 36th District Court for being a criminal. Craig and other police officers berated McConico after Judge Ivory Traylor, who allegedly shot police officers in Detroit, gave $ 100,000 bail.

McConico insisted that some of the criticism was intended to smear him for turning down months before a cop’s $ 1 million loan was cut.


Dusty Kennedy