Detroit police shoot alleged armed robber after standoff


Detroit – A Detroit police officer shot and killed a man Thursday after the man allegedly pointed a rifle at customers at a gas station on the east side, hid in a nearby house, and then ran outside to shoot the gun Group of police officers to judge.

The suspect was identified as Detroit Police Cmdr after the incident, which began around 5:00 p.m. when 7th District officers answered a call about problems at a Sunoco gas station in East Warren and Cadillac. In it Szilagy said.

“The man was highly intoxicated and wielded an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle,” he said. “The man was very excited, pointed to and threatened customers, threatened the clerk. He asked him to open the door to gain access behind the counter; the clerk wisely said no.”

When the police arrived, the man had left the gas station, Szilagy said.

“We explored the area … (officers) contacted this man, still armed with the rifle, on the 4,500 block in Pennsylvania,” Szilagy said. “(Officers) ordered him to stop and surrender. At that point the man ran into a house on the block.”

The crew requested a superior who declared it to be a barricaded shooter situation.

“Officials surrounded the house and tried to negotiate to get him out,” Szilagy said. “He wouldn’t.”

While officers waited for additional resources, the man kept shooting out of the house, Szilagy said.

“The man came out on the porch several times armed with a rifle,” he said. “The officers gave him a clear order to lay down his gun and surrender. Obviously we are dealing with someone who has substance abuse and potential mental health problems.

“At some point the subject came off the porch and came down in the middle of the street where officers were stationed blocking traffic in front of Warren,” Szilagy said. “The subject aimed the gun at an officer; the officer fired a shot that hit the subject.”

The officers then put the man in their patrol car and took him to the hospital, Szilagy said.

“These officers faced a very dangerous situation with an unstable person and we are pleased with their performance,” said Szilagy. “It’s unfortunate, but there was no other option. There was no pepper spray or taser option; this man had a long gun.”

Szilagy said the police are still trying to determine the man’s identity.

The Detroit Police Homicide Task Force will investigate the shooting. The officer who fired is on administrative leave during the investigation, he said.

“Criminal charges are pending for the suspect,” said Szilagy.

The police officer said the officers at the scene were “very, very patient. They were in a situation of fatal violence almost from the start, but they tried the tactic we used to escalate.”

The incident marks the second time this week that Detroit police officers have reportedly shot dead an armed suspect. On Monday, a Cincinnati man suspected of killing his wife and two other people in southwest Ohio was shot dead by Detroit officials outside the Rivertown Inn & Suites on Jefferson Avenue after Chief James Craig said he did opened fire on a Detroit police surveillance team.

The man, Chandra Moore, 55, remained in critical condition Thursday.

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