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Detroit police shoot, kill suspect who allegedly drove into officers, fired shots


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The Chauvin Trial Judge says comments from Maxine Waters could result in the appeal trial being “overturned”

The judge in the chauvin process said on Monday that inflammatory statements by representative Maxine Waters could lead to the appeal being “overturned”. Waters had urged protesters to “become more confrontational” and to protest on the street if the case was not found guilty. Waters made the comments over the weekend before closing arguments on the high profile case against former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, who is charged with the murder of George Floyd. Chauvin faces three criminal charges, including second degree murder, third degree murder, and second degree manslaughter. The defense in the Chauvin case argued that Waters’ comments could affect the jury and the grounds for a mistrial. In response to the defense attorney’s argument, Judge Peter Cahill said, “I give you that Congressman Waters may have given you something on appeal that could result in this entire process being overturned.” “We have US officials threatening violence in relation to this particular case. It’s mind-boggling,” Defense attorney Eric Nelson told Cahill. “I wish elected officials would stop talking about this case, especially in ways that do not respect the rule of law and justice in our role,” Cahill continued. He said while elected officials were allowed to express their views, he wished they would do so in a manner that was consistent with their constitutional oath and that respected an equal branch of government. Chauvin judge Peter Cahill responded to the defense’s request for a lawsuit over comments from Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA): “I give you that Congresswoman Waters may have given you something on appeal that can lead to the cancellation of this entire process. ” – The Recount (@therecount) April 19, 2021 Cahill stated that the judges had already been directed to remove themselves from the news cycle and he trusted them to follow those instructions. However, despite Cahill’s dismay at Waters’ comments on the trial, he said her words were insufficient to portray a mistrial. Cahill then rejected the Defense Bank’s application for a mistrial. Waters visited Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, on Saturday, the suburb where Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old African American, was shot dead by a white police officer during a traffic obstruction last weekend. During a demonstration there, Waters said, “We have to stay on the streets and we have to be more active. We have to become more confrontational. We have to make sure they know we mean business. “Protests have broken out since Wright’s death prompting the state to mobilize the Minnesota National Guard. If Chauvin was acquitted, Waters vowed to “fight with all people who stand up for justice.” She added, “We must get justice in this country and we cannot allow these murders to continue.” Republican Congressmen were quick to respond to Waters’ calls for continued violence and protest in Minnesota. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), Chairman of the minority House of Representatives, described her words as “dangerous”. “Maxine Waters instigates violence in Minneapolis – just like she has instigated in the past,” McCarthy tweeted late Sunday night. “If Spokesman Pelosi doesn’t crack down on this dangerous rhetoric, I’ll take action this week,” McCarthy continued. MP Marjorie Talyor Greene (R-Ga.) Called for Waters to be ousted from the House of Representatives for her “constant incitement to violence” and said she plans to pass a resolution next week.


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