Detroit Red Wings receive high marks in Anthony Mantha trade


At Monday’s games, only three teams in the NHL have worse records than the Red Wings.

However, with things coming into focus after the close of trading, there seems little doubt that the Wings are one of the league’s biggest winners.

General Manager Steve Yzerman took three smaller steps towards Monday before hitting one of the NHL’s biggest deals in the waning moments: sending Anthony Mantha to the Washington Capitals for strikers Jakub Vrana and Richard Panik, a first-round election Draft for 2021 and a selection for the second round in the draft for 2022.

The 26-year-old mantha is considered an important addition to the capitals of a Stanley Cup run that begins in the rough east. Mantha, who has just signed a four-year extension, has two seasons in which he has scored at least 24 goals.

In 25-year-old Vrana, the Red Wings received a young striker (11 goals, 25 points in 39 games) as well as panic (three goals, nine points in 36 games) and other draft assets.

Yzerman’s craftsmanship has received widespread praise from NHL analysts, including ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski, who earned the Red Wings an A-Plus on the deal.

Wyshynski called it “another Jedi trick by Steve Yzerman”.

“… The Wings used their canopy space to their advantage,” writes Wyshynski, who gave the capitals a B-Plus. “Panik is making $ 2.75 million against the cap by 2022/23 and is a viable player. Vrana has shown the potential to exceed his 25 goals in 69 games last season and he will help rebuild Detroit got a storefront. ” .

“But as Yzerman has done over and over again, it’s the draft of capital from the capitals that made this deal really great for Detroit. They now have two first, three second, two third and two quarter-finalists. All-rounders in the This season’s draft. Granted, you’d hope it’s a draft that is a little more confident in scouting and player development. But that’s a treasure trove and Yzerman continues to find ways to add to it. “

The Red Wings also appeared in the analysis by Craig Button of The Athletic and TSN as “winners” of the deadline.

The Athletic’s Sean McIndoe picked the Wings as one of its five winners on the cut-off date, writing Detroit “got a stroke of luck for Anthony Mantha, the guy Steve Yzerman was clearly pissed off with. I don’t know if he was right or wrong Has.” But I know too many GMs wait forever for guys they gave up and then make their move when the market is gone. If you want to sell a 26 year old, sell high. “

In a video posted on TSN, Button said Vrana should step in and fill Mantha’s role offensively.

“Anthony Mantha is exactly what he is,” said Button, “and what Steve Yzerman could do to find a player (Vrana) who will be just as productive and productive offensively as Anthony Mantha, plus a first and a second . ” Round (selection)? Detroit Red Wings (are) big winners. “

Steven Ellis of The Hockey News wrote that the Red Wings have made quite a return on one of their best players over the past decade.

“Mantha has by no means had a great season (and neither has the Red Wings) but he’s usually good for 15 goals and has scored almost 50 points twice with a non-playoff contender. Now he will make an important contribution to that.” Washington’s top 6, and given the price it took to get it, the Capitals clearly believe it’s worth it. Vrana stands a chance of getting more Ice Age after being such a solid shooter, despite averaging under 13 minutes of average over the course of his career to become a star in Michigan. “

Yzerman took several other moves over the weekend.

► The Red Wings swapped Montreal defenseman Jon Merrill for a potential Hayden Verbeek from the fifth round in 2021.

► Detroit also moved defenseman Patrik Nemeth to Colorado for a fourth-round draft pick in 2022.

► The Wings also acquired a selection for the Tampa Bay fourth round 2021 because they acted as an intermediary between Tampa Bay and Columbus and took part of the salary of defender David Savard’s contract (Savard ended up in Tampa).


Dusty Kennedy