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Detroit Restaurant Saffron De Twah Is Offering Free Holiday Meals to People in Need


Saffron De Twah restaurant on Gratiot Avenue closes 2020 by offering free meals to community members and those in need in the hospitality industry.

The Moroccan-influenced American place in the McDougall-Hunt neighborhood accepts online inquiries for family dinners for Christmas Eve and Christmas. Application for the program is expected to close on Tuesday, December 22nd, to ensure the restaurant has enough time to prepare the food.

The program is one of several that Saffron De Twah has offered as part of this year’s Saffron Community Kitchen project. Following a partnership with Brilliant Detroit that closed earlier this fall, owner Omar Anani tells Eater that he intended to reopen the take-out service, but the indoor food closures and other obstacles have put this on hold. At the same time, with the help of Winona Bynum of the Detroit Food Policy Council, Food Rescue US, Rainbow Connection, the restaurant found opportunities to continue its community programs.

Anani says that while many places in the Detroit area had Thanksgiving meals for families, there appeared to be fewer opportunities for people celebrating Christmas this year.

In addition, Saffron De Twah runs a subscription-based meal program – much like a CSA – to ensure users get a Saffron De Twah fix. Other restaurants in the area, including Takoi and Shewolf, have launched similar programs.

Are you looking for other ways to help or get help? Eater has grouped programs to support workers in the service industry and programs to combat food insecurity.

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